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In many eases the exciting cause cannot be determlDed.
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a clew to the means by which his constitution may be modified eS»
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veotyver after five or six repetitions of the cautery.
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and whose surface is generally broken up into numerous blocks,
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of neuralgia in some persons more readily than in others.
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Like measles, the disease may be carried by persona who do
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the pressure of tlic pus. As soon as this occurs, and aftcj- the skin
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ease at this period presents niaoy varieties, according as the malady
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vegetables, milk, and bathing in rivers or the sea, especially after stOK
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then becoraos dangerous. Lastly, in still other cases there is no im-
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disease, the action of these methods of treatment is merely palliative,
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other tliigh. Eczema of the lower extremities is most common
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great hann done by excessive limitation of the supply of ncmrishaMBV
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recommendatioiij to give quinine in one large dose instead of in sevez^ J
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become hard and rigid ; a*dema, fever, and other symptoms charucteri^
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«f the palsied nerve is of similar import. If the continuance of the
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Etiology. — Next to the sciatic, no nerve b so often the sesl <
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flamed lymphatics. Sometimes the disease seems to go no further
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( it contain many pus-cells. The swelling visible about the affected
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! on the part both of physician and patient. Instead of the pills,
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blisters to the places wliere the nerve lies close under the skin.^1
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Symptoms xsj) Coitrse. — L The Primary Si/phiJitic Jmhtra-