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scar, for the wound has generally healed by this time. Tlie bite as-
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quantum of sermn, albumen, and saline constituents, is generally nor-
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length of time without appreciable decline (as can be proved by many
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trynpeJas venim seu exwdhcmaticum in particular, I believe
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spots and erythema also occur in many other feverish diseases.
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»neous hypenemia causes rupture of the vessels and small hiemorrhages
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Tbeatment. — The most commendable remedy, in recent pal^ rfl
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I wbOe away from home; he was received into ray ward; a year had
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Qt epidemics. We have already (Vol. IT., p. 18) fully described the
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flaminatton have formed meantime, the fever gradually abates, the
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Tbis object will not be attainetl in educated jmtients by ordering them
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Solution of bisulpbate of quinine (quinise sulph. gr. x, aqme meBss.]
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upon the h'pa, chin, checks, and, in rare uistanccs, between the hairs
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I ThiO predisposition to vaccina is very general, and it is rare for a pei^
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matism. Chief among these remedies are iodine and mezcuij. little
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odor ; movement of the tongue is much impaired, so that speecli b^
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'riMNI^%ai>tided, as to restore the apoplectic cicatrix of the brain after
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little of this urine of the last few hours of the night, which he supposes ,
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itncfl a violet or bluish color, and does not disappear imder the
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* Hua towiird the nates ; where the anterior are afftH'ted, they chiefly
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piercing, giveth great Life and Nourishment to a Horfe : But being con-
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head, or other slight causes. They are rarely ao severe as the at-
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-third the dose by the mouth, perfectly dissolved].
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dy is given diiring the first week, and before the occurrence of
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the poison and the outbreak of the disease. In a few cases that I
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places of Reiidence, abfolute ajid particular to themfelves •, as Blood a-
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moment wlien the first tokens of scrofula appear, or even as soon as
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attained. The topical remedies which I would recommend be^Of« aB
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dfied after the termination of the actual cholera attack. This view of
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in a few weeks which had lasted not merely for a year or two, hoA fcr
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of the case. T!ie benefit often derived from the springs of Karlsbad,
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else some other ecpmlly harmless prescription. Finally, however,
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exhausting diseases, of genexal paralysis. If the disease pass frgm the
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wmyB the sauie sort of pain, just as in neurulgiu ; and, from tlie pain,
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affords more room for the brain and it^ vessels. When there is reason
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iloill. Inunction of pustulating salve upon the scalp, and even trei)an-
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iloers, still exist ; in other cases, the improvement is only temporaxy ;
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distance by a horse, or because the snorting of the animals produces
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which may readily be removed, and leaves no loss of substance after
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i epidemic, persons who have been vaccinated, but in whom the
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neuralgia chielly affects those twigs of the second and third fanuiokH
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epidemics. But the cose Is different in regard to the \'iew8
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its outlines. But, if we lay the patient on iiis right side, with his left
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KcMei) ootigh and mucous expectoration betray the bronchial catarrh.
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especially the liver and Imigs, more rarely in the brain. In the
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or by a neuroma, usually persists, although the worms have Ijeen ei*
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i« one of the most decided symptoms of scrofula. Finally, impetigo at-
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but in my second I commenced to use it upon almost every indurated
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meningitis, or of pyiemia from absorption of icjlior. It is chiefly m
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cleaned and disinfected. Stools of cholera patients should never be
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\ the decay of vegetable matter, on which the production of the
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the outset of the disease, tetanic spasms are generally produced fcy
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the tilamcnts, and upon whether the parasite take root upon the e^
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presents the characters of scarlatina miliaris. In the same way the
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cause the increased consumption is hidden by increased supply, most
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I abrupt line of demarcation between the affected spot and the sound
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metacarpal and metatarsal articulations, but they may also attack any
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it acts just as well by the rectum (or by hypodermic injection). Other
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they occur in an individual whose history is suspicious, they may aid
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B, where they escape from the vertebral canal, by the distended
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Trkatmknt. — Prophylaxis requires the isolation of healthy persons
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cessive retardation of the pulse and repeated vomiting, left no dtvht.
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canal, by diseases of the vertebra. In other cases the irritatXA