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sists in long-standing otorrhoea, hardness of hearing or oomplete ded"-
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of the skull, which correspond to the epiphyses of the long boaeSf csdfy
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tCfy poison, it is still certain that, during an epidemie, these causes
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to derangement of innervation of the blood-vessels of the kidney. If
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from disease of the sexual organs. Its eflFect was the more certain,
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termination of the complaint. The cases are exceptional in which
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imj)ortance as a means of distinction between spinal and peripbenl
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epidemic of scarlatina, by the high fever, by the great constitutional
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organisms have not actually been observed. No one has seen " mala-
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times the characteristic symptoms do not appear until later.
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cur again and again during the course of the disease, no satisflBctorj
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pressiu-e and fulness in the epigastrium, with acid eructations and other
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which at first were separate, afterward coalesce, causing great thick-
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from attacks of regular acute gout, we not unfrequently meet a tf»
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toms of fever. But in most cases dysentery be^ns with an apparently [
to the variety of palsy arising either from separation of the pcri|>heia]
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duration. The organism could not long stand such a fever as ac-
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ries, readily inflames. The levator labii superioris, ala^ue nasi,
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temptinig to draw blood from all cases of cholera asphyxia, was oei^ J
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tinguiahable from other reflex symptoms by their greater violent »ad
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are few, and are far outweighed in number by those where they hire
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adhesive plaster. A& we shall hereafter learn, the inoculatiou of a
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aspect. (Tlie bullous syphilide never conumences later than the first
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strengthening' diet, the patient should twice a day take half a glass of
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and rubrous types are the more prevalent ones during ddldhoocL
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independently of perforation of the bowel, cold compresses over the
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pearaucc (cat^s tongue). Dming the stage of eruption there are varia-
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the face grows oedematous upon the affected side. Sometimes the
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malignant and obstinate character. Generally speaking-, it is
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is acquired. First among the predispotiiug causes are ]
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hands and forearms of washerwomen. It is doubtful whether
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during the second week of typhoid fever ; but, as a rule at this time,
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tive action of tliis remedy had been rightly interpreted, I pw
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drawn from the coincidence of these processes, as the transformation
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of urine secreted. However, this hypothetical explanation of the
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from which we can anticipate any l>enefit. Other remedies are nsek*^
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diarrhcea baa ceasecL Sometimes after the algid stage the pulse i
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principal of these are the gastric affections, especially chronic gasthr
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assimilation ; but when not only the skin and the muscles, but also
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make us aware, even thus early, that we have to deal with an acute
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masses. We may also find these deposits at other points,
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first, the appliaition of the constant current is not particularly p*jn/u
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oount that persons who ha^-e suffered from extensive rachitis usuaUy
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aaaaloetida, often act admirably as palliatives, althou*rh no radical
always shows more or less extensive condensation of the de]
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tolity in the above diseases does not,, by any means, equal the diminiip
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Upon comparing the two classes, it will be found that the seooodaiy
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lide is obstructed by a plug of black, hardened sebaceous naJMt^
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occasionally those of the neck, rarely those of the face. The power of
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covered %vith sordes ; the blood rarely contains any fibrinous clo
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It is a goofl rule, in administering the specifics, to give them
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Wk shall merely discuss the subjects of glanders and hydrophobia
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always remain after the healing of ecthyma, is at first a coppeiy-red,
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spared, when it gives way to dutbursts of excessive anger or pnssiofi,
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B}Tnptoms of severe constitutional disease and great flisturbanoe of
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in almost all chlorotic persons when excited or heated, and to which
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and hath his refting place in the Brain, from whence through the Sinews,
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grees. Tlio hcadaclie becomes more severe ; the jmtienta grow rest-
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modio seizures induced by every effort to drink, create a certain resem-
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ular figures, but, unlike the spots in measles, Acy arc not capped by
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OU8, but occasionally it passes into general paralysis, ending in deal
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disease — apparently from causes I>urely physical — whenever
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' Taocina pustule are the ouly known vehicle of the cx>ntagion ; the ema-
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\ vein, supports the view that one of the chief causes of inter-
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careful to help Nattire, by adding to every Medicine, of what Nature
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progresses, the parts around lose their redness and swelling ; tho pa-
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recovered fronf varicella are successfully vaccinated, or, during an epi^
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; of his sufferings." Hence he exaggerates, and often exhibits the
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cloudy when the first nodules appear on the extremitiea. The enip>
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Sucb a termination appears to occur somewhat more fre-
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s^'philis is based may be deduced frum wimt I have said above, re-
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the course is very rapid, the disease may prove fatal in the first we^
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malady is propagated. In other words, glanders is a contagious dis-
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inconstant lesions, there was alway a dilatation of the arterioles *>4
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mer. Tlie itcliing is usually most distressing in the evening, and rt
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a convalescent from chlorosis fears a relapse, I would recommend the
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ing sfter it has l)een removed from its natural habitation and feeding-
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The cutaneous eruptions which are the most common, and often the
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form of calomel, to be taken internally^ without regard to whether the
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stage, which usually begins with the third exacerbation of the fewr,
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scarlatina dropsy, which generally depends on this localixatioo, osoaUy
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\ on the knees also, if the patients be laid on the belly. Petechiie
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adults, who have not had scailatina tluriBg childhood, are oft^a atr j
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alternation is so great tliat during the day the case appears to be a
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dation masses, as well as the Wood, vvliicli long continues to be mixed
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very high, we may abstain from treatment; if it do rise high, we
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