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infection, the prepuce can no longer be drawn back, its outlet having '

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and useless classification of the various forms of skin-disease into inni^

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any particular organ. Tlie appearance of eczema, unprovoked by

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any benefit is to be expected from local blood-letting, or from deri'**

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and frontal sinus, the nasal and lachrymal bon^, are also destroye

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and strong, may l^ecome small, weak, and very fircriuent ; the pa-

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from which we can anticipate any l>enefit. Other remedies are nsek*^

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apparently insignificant and harmless sjnnptoms. In some cases th

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ulcer continues to penetrate more and more profoundly. Not unfre-

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by the intense dennatitis are increased, during the suppurative stage*

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point which uimiistakubly corresponds to the gland, I immediately let

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thus produced from a virulent bubo may become phagedenic or gan-

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to one. During chiitlhood and old age it is rarer than during

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mends sprinkling of the moist spots with dry vegetable povrdei^ e>

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the symptoms; it lasts from a few days to three weeks.

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oondenming them, and for similar reasons. In epilepsy our task is Ml

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effect in rachitis. Brine baths are also of unmistakable benefit, and

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of the hearths action, which causes the weakness and indistinctnesa of

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not be denied that the sudden fall of the water of the soil may proved

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oertain size, often remain stationary. They are among the most

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anoe is that of a mulberry or cauliflower, or, if compressed latenilly,

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male and female perfect animals, intestinal trichinae. In the female,

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till they had reached some place distant from their previous residence.

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favorable efFect of this treatment, especially of the application of cold

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they depend upon hypersemia. Tliey afterward assume a flirty-brcrwi

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' believes in "metastasis of the itch" as a result of ** incautious

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pose of drying meat in order to preserve it. It is by no means rare for

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acteriatica of the gummy tumor, or syphilitic tubercle, are also Ibund in.

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perioeteimi, capable of complete and speedy recovery, and which prob-

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etetic rules, we should have t^^hoid patients washed all over with pure

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r pain, whether movement of their fibres or contraction of the muscles

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cruelty. It afterward appeared that he had the hsemorrhagic dia-

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early symptoms of general syphilis. The opponents of the treatment

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is more readily fulfilled than the latter ; the means for fulfilling it con-

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because, owmg to the panilysis of the abdominal muscles, he is

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■0 possible from the scales which adhere to it If these vapoi^baths

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that the differences l^etween these parasitic diseases are mostij d*

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cinate weakly children, inclined to scrofula, during their firat year, butJ

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tion, and thick, cloudy mine. The most insignificant causes, mA

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muscular nerves is lost (the " electro-muscular sensibility " of the tk»

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the inflammation from the scalp to the meninges. There is no me-

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probable that central disease, limited to small ports of the brain or

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which is going on in the muscles, which arc in a state of

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origin, to employ local antiplilogistics. Whenever an adult

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the impulse and tones of the heart, the diminution and disapp

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actually occurs. For the supjiort of this view, I lay less weight on

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of the plaque looks as if finll of holes, or has a net-like appear-

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poisoning, yet I have had especial opportunity of satisfying m

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normal cow-pocks developed was proportionally small, and oorreap

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want of result of the former experiment was simply due to the immunity

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Iodine and the mercurials are also generally regarded as good anti-

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no convulsions during the seizure, or else merely a few twitchings.

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the bowels, which scarcely ever occurs in the diarrhoea induced by cado

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■MtOfy cutaneous exudation of erysipelas. There is no fever in the

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ing the first weeks, besides the numerous intestinal trichinj© and young

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J^alk explains this phenomenon by sup[X)sing that the teeth are ex-

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but it has not been proved that an abrasion of the surface is essential

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some observers fomid c*iarae anatomical changes in the anterior roots

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planted upon a -wound, the first symptoms geneiaUy appear within

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at the periphery preponderates over its loss from witliin, so that, in

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if of sufficient intensity, may produce erysipelas. Coraparisoo of m*

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^Vtrine and beer have ; they preserve the strength, diminish the need of

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what remains of irritiibility in a partially paralyzed nerve, and avert, if

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infiltrated with a fibrinous exudation, and, as a result of their (

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hyperidrosis is the best means of obviating the danger of catdiing cold

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pression of the chest and windpipe, to which the patient erroneously

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