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the tilamcnts, and upon whether the parasite take root upon the e^
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presents the characters of scarlatina miliaris. In the same way the
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cause the increased consumption is hidden by increased supply, most
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I abrupt line of demarcation between the affected spot and the sound
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metacarpal and metatarsal articulations, but they may also attack any
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it acts just as well by the rectum (or by hypodermic injection). Other
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they occur in an individual whose history is suspicious, they may aid
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B, where they escape from the vertebral canal, by the distended
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Trkatmknt. — Prophylaxis requires the isolation of healthy persons
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cessive retardation of the pulse and repeated vomiting, left no dtvht.
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canal, by diseases of the vertebra. In other cases the irritatXA
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not be detected in either of these vehicles, either under the microscope
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period, also contains bits of blackened bone. The septum of the nose is
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waste of the organism must be avoided, and evexy thing must be fur-
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entirely gone, it is reduced to a minimum ; while in older penoQA
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usually reddened, it* temperature increased, and there is active pul**"
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Etiology. — Separation of motor ner\'cs from the central organs is
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of diphtheria alone enable us to decide to which form of croup-
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lions caused partly by the asthenic character of the fever, probably
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ing ichorous and often bloody discharge from the nose, which, at alatef i
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careful about the food, and in order to protect the diseased int
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saiy to ascribe many of the inflammations of the joints and bones of
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Typlitz, Wiesbaden, Rehme, etc., who had previously resisted iH kinii
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by saying that the mode of living can have no effect in inducing cholera,
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VATOiacAL AppearjINOSSv — On autopsy of gouty patients, which
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there, it is called urticaria vesiculosa. The rash is always aocompi'
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hitherto, this fact has only been demonstrated directly by Treigfaiog^a
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exceptions, where a moist state of the previously dry soil, sudden ;
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and popular theoretical teaching, that they could tell certainly whether
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The child then iklls into a deep sleep, and if, next day, we do not
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the stage of desquamation is over, and it is well to keep up thb cus-
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the body covered by skinu In such cases it is the deeper layers of tk
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has been proposed to give the albuminate of mercury, and thus at
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off the bed-covers as fiwt as they are replaced ; thrust first one foot,
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ital excitement, convulsions, loss of consciousness, gnashing of the
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times the disease begins from a pustule, without the fffevious develop
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maintains a synochal character, and where the perceptible looalizationa
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consideration of migraine as neuralgia will appear from the i
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these changes have not yet taken pkce. WiHebrand has lately rco- 1
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poiea tb&n men. Like gout, migraine is considered a fashionable
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painful emotions, and in anger, and wliieh we call outbursts of pain
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irritabilit}', as the palpebral bniuch, the malar, or the kbia.1, or, as in a
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•fcki intervene l>etween the fits differ greatly in different individuals,
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filaments, but only elastic elements, the fint pulsation,
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consist of an almost colorless and odorless fluid, holding in sospeofliail
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and that it exerts no important influence upon S3rphilitic affeotiona.
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and other signs which occur in various modifications, are prcmooitar^
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oally the meningitis, are to be treated upon pritici[>les already laid
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neous bleedings. Hitherto no abnonnity capable of accounting for the
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patients become stupid and delirious ; tlie tongue grows dry, and tlie '
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that all the muscles of the body are in a state of contraction
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influences, errore of diet, and particularly catching cold, incre*tO UmiJ
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^& I*" *s ^^^7 ^ understand that an excessively distended sebaowa
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fasting, that, at a certain period during the night, there must be nc
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parts and all the symptoms of a severe phlegmon, or else small dr-
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, ooniformes, and acuminatie, are distinguished. We often see,
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general health, or to the form of the syphilitic outbreak (then usually
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tiSend the senses of one who is hysterical. It is notorious that niany
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fit. After it is over, and should we fear a recurrence, we miiy gire*
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founded on post-mortem examination, for which the favorable oomae
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,and in young persons, the regimen of the patient must differ from
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fling wound will give rise to an irrepressible and dangerous loss of
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naoaily causes severe pain. Participation of the motor filamentjj
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they spring has but little tendency to suppuration, and by means of
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, placing the volar surfaces iu contact, and apply the electrodes
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not dwell on the (question whethuj- Hallier and IC lobby who have found
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as lancets, needles, etc. ; a complete solution of continuity is &r lea
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dle, which is till twelve, more hot and dry than moift ^ and in his old
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and prisons, and other humanely and conscientiously kept mstituiionSi
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llieuig partly due to iixlema of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, it
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During the morning, and while tbe patient remains in bed, the pulse
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usual obstinacy of traumatio hflpmorrhage or a tendency to sponta*
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actness. It is evident that a microscopical examination, if not carefully
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one of its symptoms removed. The homoeopaths assert that under
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and in which slight cracks form when the part is moved. The owrti
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round deep cicatrices are left, these have inverted edges and a punc-
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and even longer. It is remarkable that, as the secondaxy symptoms
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[grayish-white, or pale-reddish encephaloid mass; and although it had
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crisis. Notwithstanding that I regard salivation as a valuable guide in
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doubt the contagiousness of aMominal typhus, or, at least, consider it
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changed, the great disturbance of all the functiouSj the pulselessness,
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cliancre is situated upon t!»e external integument, the scanty secretkn
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iules, the skin becomes diffusely, and often quite uniformly, thick-
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served after other severe diseases, especially after severe typhus,
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ncfaitic children always exhibit a most pronounced tendency to ec-
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the tempera ture of the blood reaches its highest point, and peniains
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Far more rarely chlorosis — oligiemia without assignable cause —
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are sometimes soft and flat, sometimes thick and hard, and to tlus
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stance resulting from the separation of the sloughs is rei
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hinre given rise to the supposition that hysteria is a disorder of the
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