The approved text includes contributions from PSOE and IU, whose NLP with more concrete measures have been rejected

The Plenary of the Cortes of Castilla y León has unanimously approved a Proposition No of Law to urge the Board to take advantage of the necessary tools available to serve families affected by evictions in the Community, an initiative that has collected some point from those presented by the Mixed and Socialist Group that have been rejected, although they have sought the support of the PP to some of its terms.

Thus, after three debates in which the three groups have insisted on their positions on how to solve the significant number of evictions as a result of the crisis, the NLP presented by the Popular Parliamentary Group agreed with the PSOE and IU has been approved. two points of their texts presented for debate.

In NLP, which refers to the agreement reached within the framework of the Social Dialogue, with local entities and organizations of the third sector for the creation of a protection network for individuals and families in situations of vulnerability due to the crisis in Castilla y Leon, as well as the integral service to support families at risk of eviction, the Board is urged to take advantage of the tools agreed in these agreements to provide coverage to the people affected by these foreclosure proceedings.

On the other hand, it is requested to prioritize the negotiated actions on the mortgage debt and the intermediation of the Service of support to these families and that the beneficiaries of this service maintain the ownership of their home and do not see their debt swollen, as well as provide “immediately”, after the approval of the Mortgage Debtor Protection Law, the necessary advisory service through the 30 offices designed for that purpose so that families at risk of eviction who are in a situation of special vulnerability can benefit from the suspension of the mortgage launch.

Another point refers to the promotion of the adhesion of municipalities to the Social Fund for Rental Housing, and in another section it is requested to mobilize all the regional resources for attention in a situation of special vulnerability and coordinate the different existing instruments.

This NLP also includes the measure that the Mixed Group, through Izquierda Unida, included in its text, in which it is urged to promote the social renting of empty homes and those objects of dialogue with financial institutions as a channel for make effective the exercise of the constitutional and statutory right to a decent and adequate housing.

Agreement with the tsjcyl

Also, the socialist proposal is introduced to speed up and accelerate the negotiation process that is carried out for the signing of an agreement with the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León to establish the appropriate collaboration channels that allow to establish a protocol of action to avoid or mitigate situations in which it can be seen that the defendants in a foreclosure procedure (natural persons) could find themselves in situations of special vulnerability or helplessness.

In the debate of the approved NLP, which has arrived after addressing those of the other political groups, PP Prosecutor Alfonso García Vicente has called for agreement between the groups and to “park” the differences to try to provide joint solutions to this problem and has asked to stop putting examples such as Andalusia, which does not allow agreement, to seek alternative models that “in a consensus, dialogue, agreed” can put solutions.

However, opposition groups consider that NLP, despite showing its support, has a “trap”. Thus, the spokesman of the Mixed Group and coordinator of IU in the Community, José María González, has stressed that this type of proposal all they do is put “patches” to keep going but they do not tackle the fundamental problem of those “who are going to be thrown out of their homes. “

Therefore, he urged “take a step further” and reach for real solutions before the end of the session because he believes that the measures have to be “more serious” and “penalize” banks and developers who have thousands of empty homes and do not put them at the disposal of the people, whom they advocate temporarily expropriate.

For its part, the Deputy Speaker of the Socialist Group, Ana Redondo, has also expressed support but also considers that PNL has a “trick” because although it reflects support for agreements reached within the framework of the Social Dialogue, it is necessary to be clear about what which is included in it, which has its judgment is an acknowledgment that the measures implemented by the Board have been insufficient in the fight against evictions, something that has applied to all points of the text.

As one of the examples, in relation to the adhesion to the Social Fund of Housing by the municipalities, the prosecutor has set as an example that in Castilla y León have 70 houses included in it, when only in the Leon area of ​​Laciana the records of miners in eviction proceedings is 69.

In this regard, he pointed out that the Fund is “clearly insufficient” but it has also had an impact on the fact that it is not a problem of the municipalities, but rather of the financial entities, which prefer the bad bank to the fund.

Two more pnl

Two more pnl

Regarding the NLP presented by the Socialist Group and Mixed Group, both advocated an expropriation similar to that approved in Andalusia, although while the former established a Decree-Law for its approval, the latter proposed to do so by law, for what both groups have agreed in the background of the text presented but not in the way to take the measure forward, so they have supported some sections, something that has also done the PP.

During her speech, Ana Redondo stated that her group shared 90 percent of the IU PNL in terms of substance, but not the procedure and justified her proposal to use a Decree-Law to establish that the Board could expropriate the urgency of the situation.

For his part, José María González has refused to modify this aspect and has insisted on his proposal, in whose defense he has argued that “expropriation is not stealing,” which is what banks believe when they deprive citizens of the right to a house.

In two separate debates, PP prosecutors have rejected any measure involving the expropriations and have criticized the PSOE, at first Daniel Sobrados, who has accused the groups of doing politics based on “opportunism, demagoguery and populism” and has censured the times that the Socialists voted against actions against evictions, which has been a response from Ana Redondo who has criticized these attacks while negotiating a consensual text of another NLP.

On the other hand, in the discussion of the text presented by the Mixed Group, Maria de las Mercedes Alzola has attributed to the “insensitivity” of the PSOE the fact that this “drama” has been reached and has censured that it seems that in Andalusia I have found the “magic formula” to solve the problem.


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