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Comparison Of Prednisone And Dexamethasone

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3j every two hours), and by its means have often produced iodic
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Karlsbad, the urine passed in the latter hours of tlie night and those 1
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one person to another, or if different individuals be affected in
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is easy enough at first, as the grouping of the vesicles in hexpes if
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belladonna, tlS 3j, are to be made into one hundred pills. Of i
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to increase reflex irritability, insomuch that in large doaea the j
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first twenty-four hours. At about the thirty-sixth hour a slight redness
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this were of some benefit, although it is not altogether free firomdu^
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carefully guarded, often commits suicide. The biting, inarticulate howl-
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cles, the outbreak of the disease can be averted, has not been substaxh
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In the treatment of the phagedenic chancre, the general health of
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that the whole body is covered. At this time the pcrspiratiaQ of ll«
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origin are the broad ones covered by a thin coat of epidermis, a
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sro the past year a series of very peculiar cases of progressive
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tTOtian must \ye paid tn the fever and to the strength of the patient,
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potash, six parts), or the chloride of zinc, which makes a dry eadiar
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remind us of a commencing typhus ; but from the first the fever abovi
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' has set in, and then to give a description of the lesions that
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As a rule, chronic gout results from the acute form, as we said thast,
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cbiliS) mnd when the disease is not a consequence of chronic dyspepsia or
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rtime it is to be admitted that fanatical enthusiasts, who devoutly be-
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moses can be found * but since we find the intestmes filled witli
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disease has lasted a kmg while, and the fever has been very severe, in
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^H tial slough on the Peyer'a patch, it is irregular ; it varies in size
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similarity of sjTnptoms at the commencement of all cases, and which
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covery that the occasional predisptjsitiou of a place to an extension of
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by Tn/tuaeaUy and which has been given, as directed by him, at first
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the coppeiHJolored, infiltrated cutis is exposed to view, sm-rounded by
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rubbed with any unctuous substance (such as cod-liver oil) or else with
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tapply of blood, merely from the improper character of ita mitrimcni
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temple, face, in the orbit, nose, palate, body of the tongue,
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to intermittent fever, and the greater or less tendency to the diactu^J
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of other sy]ihilitio symptoms, particuliirly enlargement of the lymphatic
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copious deposit of pigment in the cells of the rete Mjitpighii. Anotlier
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order not unfrequently makes its appearance at the end of an tattt
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sis, stimulant treatment is usually more appropriate. If the
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lies of the glottis, more rarely to those of the eyes. In all cases
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tine, we shall be deeply impressed by the aspect of the rigid immov-
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duces the weids appears and disappears, we should not have ivcko«^ |
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fonns it is much less efRcient. Cold applications and the exbifailioB
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are easy of ejtplanation, when we come to know that the color of the
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sole cause of the disease. Scurvy has been known to break out early,
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lects in drops under the epidermis and elevates it ; forming vesicks
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tempts to satisfy their thirst often fail, because the tongue
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affected nerve in some neuralgias, particularly in intercostal
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4. The absenoe of reOex and sympathetic movements in the region
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in a few weeks which had lasted not merely for a year or two, hoA fcr
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]]6*lth much longer, in spite of the badness of their food. That scun'y
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by no means secures the patient agamst a relapse, and it Is ^ftffl '
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veyed to the motor nerves. The present section is exclxisively derotcJ
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ingly j>emicious effect upon the assimilation and nutrition of the bmiT, I
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after the patient's constitution has suffered from repeated attacks of
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whether an hysterical person really is suffering from axuesthesia, or
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points, differing only in their degree of violence and in their duration.
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may be either discrete or confluent, are observed upon rounded, otjI,
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" itself is perforatetL When the sore is situated in the sulcus, between
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generally start from the vertebral point and pass anteriorly along the
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typhus, as it also occurs in other diseases aooompanied by seve
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hereditary tendency, and the more plainly it depends upon 6tra0luiil|
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blood by the exhibition of iron and an apprt*priate diet. By
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great hann done by excessive limitation of the supply of ncmrishaMBV
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In our first volume we have described the scorbutic sore moutli in
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tiic ganglion of Gasser is degenerated or destroyed. In such cases
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