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really sick, are poorly nourished and much emaciated. To ponrt

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my experience, Russian vaporbaths do less good in chronic rheuma-

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disease, the action of these methods of treatment is merely palliative,

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pvored useless, and is now generally nbandoned. Especial attention

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Jliarely, when the motor filaments are affected, there are twitcliings

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monly happens that t!ie sore extends at one edge, while it granulates

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hoarse, . barking cough and the dyspnoea characteristic of

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the process is to be repeated. If, however, all the diseased spots seem

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expiratory movements, combined with spasmodic oontractioQ of tir

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occurs not only in dyspeptic children, but also in thoee who aro olhs^

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rhkh may be observed in most cases, as well as from the second fact,

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Etiology. — Next to the sciatic, no nerve b so often the sesl <

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have been near a patient, and who are not themselves attacked by the

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nail, and by this means, aa well as by their ordinary situation, ai 1,

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fuse urination, then (just aa also oocxxn after profuse sweating, or

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! on the part both of physician and patient. Instead of the pills,

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manipulation necessary in giving such baths tends to aggrar

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of the joints. It is remarkable that eczema always attacks

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. genuine ** petit mal," the patient is seized vrith giddiness, often amid

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blisters to the places wliere the nerve lies close under the skin.^1

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called scrofulous, not^vithstanding the great similarity, nay, the abso-

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treatment of scarlatina aa we gave for that of meuslcs. Before

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windpipe feel as if they were compressed by a cord, yet there is no

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be made on the abdomen. In these cases there is diphtheritic inflam-

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often to such a degree that the horizontal branches of the pubis <

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Not uufrequently, only one side of the ulcer beneath tlie scab heals,

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of simple or mcdic^ited water is to produce a kind of eczema known

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enter the latter. More rarely, destruction of the hard palate ocmi*

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they fall, leave brovmish stains behind. This, also, is an ofaetinate

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regions, especially in the upper lip and nose. When the imperfect

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for the implantation of favois, and that such implantation will al'

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cipate in the disorder induced by infection of the system by this per^

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r, is also the most satisfactory and general. The incapacity of

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pulse twenty or thirty beats ; the calor raopdax disappears firom the

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drops ^ which they should have on hand. It cannot be denied that

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neously, but extends gradually from one to another aa the tumor

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f and take up the treatment again a few months later. In " cold-water

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of the trigeminus, who had such a severe attack of pain every time I

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the whole body occurs in albinos. Sometimes from unknown auiS,

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ently bland and has no peculiar odor, is a very suspicious and

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as, without being of unusual intensity or duration, or having any

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omel, if discontinued when salivation commcnoes, than in a treatment

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since the cell-formation is not confined exclusively to the sxubi*

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is, only a small proportion of topers and gourmands are affecte«l by gout

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may perceive a fetid odor, which comes from his mouth and nose.

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usually most evident that the pocks on the extremities are of more

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and dyspepsia, and usually also by an increased amotmt oi penfo*

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times obliged to nourish the patient through a stomach-tube. This

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duced bjr stoppage of the capillaries with pigment. Probably these

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, some of the affections entitled measles (" R^itheln '■ ).

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langcd menses, sometimes are attacked by acne rosacea.

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the intestinal trichini\3 bear joung not only once but repeatedly, and

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may be added, that syphilitic eruptions scarcely ever itch. In ordcT to

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rhkh may be observed in most cases, as well as from the second fact,

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than any other. The corrosive properties of the drug forbid ito Ad-

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fibres exist in the spinal marrow, which, instead of passing to the pfr

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*"i'^fi*^ the bulb pinclicd or pricked, the nose irritate<l with a shaqj

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such cases the patients die of paralysis of the heart, wliich is preceded

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interfered with the functions of the stomach and intestines, while s\m>

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of a sore arising in tliis way are not always so well marked as to admit

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actkm, although I cannot speak from my own experience. The prac-

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tissue about the gland becomes the seat of an extensive inflammatory

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ivajTB occasions. Even the most inveterate cases of eczema usually

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the most frequent, since it would seem very probable that (rontiiuied

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pJicatioa and not a metastasis, as is shown by the fact that, when any

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is ever remain perfectly exempt from acne vulgaris. The majority,

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crt/sipelatodea. Upon the reddened base, minute yellow points imiw

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that is not too new and has not betxwne sour. On the other hand,

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criminal actions. They often avoid society, are odd and capndoutj

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similarity to metastatic abscesses. The lymphatics and their glands

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cachectic ecthyma, successive eruptions of ]3ustules take place l

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sugar is not more than from one to two per cent. ; in more intensftj

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1. By the interru})tion of the functions of the hemisphem, wluA

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I disease can also be swallowed with decomposing meat. The cele*

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tives firom useless and erroneous qualms of conscience, to resort to

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drops every two hours, or give a teaspoonful a short time

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take part in the play of expression. Pronunciation of t!ie

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the contents of the pustules are changed into a more purulent fluid

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aooording to the condition of the patient. As a general rule, it is ad-

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