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increase their strength, but shall add a complication which will aug-

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they are due to an acute hiemorrhagic diathesis, which frequently

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parentage, and not all of the issue of the marriages of near relatives,

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I of a hen's egg. Their covering is usually bluish or brownish red,

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called scrofulous, not^vithstanding the great similarity, nay, the abso-

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a mixture of carbonate of potash 3 vj, liquor Ijydrarg. nitric osjddl

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and enfeebled action of that organ, and, as a consequence of tlie dft-

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certain may we be of succeeding; and when, contrary to our expecta-

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• be drawn very tightly, as the patient can bexir a very firm

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oops. To attain satisfactory results, these should be frequently re-

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mother has been extremely angry, is believed to be a frequent aitfe

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nus, and not only in the senile marasmus, but also ia tliat

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eat. In prurigo the princijml seat of the papules and scratched places

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,onc fbnn genendly predominating, although traces of the others

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liable to be mistaken for grave inflammation. Morbid excitement of

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of water by evaporation and sweating ; it does not occur if the patients

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I cortical substance, also, the vascular channels increase, and form

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and detachment of the epidermis, and the exposed cutis sloughs, Al

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• from Bexual excess. Thei-e is a very large number of profouudly-

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ma has been observed ; and the " cholera*exanthetna " has even l>een

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grows very weak and rapid, extensive oedema arises in the subcuta-

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toms, and modifies the appearance of the disease so little that we are!

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ly reot^mmended in this stage. After the inflammation lias 8ul>

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from fresh osteomalacic bones was of alkaline reaction. There

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usually shows some signs of pleasure and gratitude after this procMd*

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fncroaches upon the cavity of the cranium, and compresses the cere*

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the evening temperature is neai-ly two degrees liigher than that of

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The progress of scrofula is tedious and treacherous, and nearly

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aerrioe. The action of tliese springs is to be ascribed to the modifica-

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oaopbagUB (these being called automatic movements), and those in-

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Toplii, although their consistence is very hard from the outset, so

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Spirit- Animd is that which giveth power of feeling and moving to a Horle,

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neth and retaineth. The ufe that you are to make of this Knowledge,

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have in vain tried cod-liver oil and other anti-scrofulous remedies, to

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tion. The infecting material which induces measles has not been dt

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.tic enough to place the diagnosis beyond a doubt, without the

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more or less extensive districts ; in the frigid zones it does not occur.

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but they do not sneeze wlien the nasal mucous membrane o

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to the dorsum of the foot and Ix^tween the outer toes, and fitullr,

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by diabetes, that it becomes questionable whether the disease be al-

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my experience, Russian vaporbaths do less good in chronic rheuma-

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epileptic one. Here, too, at first, there are usually tonic '

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by mercury, and it often happens that not only are the immediate

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benefited the patient, or if, while removing one danger, I had not in-

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our Books and beil Phyiicians, it is by much the moifter, which is well

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swamps, marehes, etc, favor the development of malaria, they aie not

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noea, and multiphes the patient's breathings to a distressing degree.

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teristic features in a scrofulous eruption or arthritis, or to find any dif-

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but in severe cases the increase lasts till the end of the second week,

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is extinguished. A tit of this kind, however, rarely jrasses d&i

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so-called blood-murmurs. The respiration is hastened, the skin

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certain means of deciding whether the disease will be an abortive ty-

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of time, nearly always completely clianges the mental and phjf

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temple, face, in the orbit, nose, palate, body of the tongue,

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such a case, if the swelling subside, the caseous mass projects above

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Weavers, Yellows, and Inflammations of the Liver. Wherefore every

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which I have found the bodies a few hours after leaving them, have

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I appears to depend on the disease of the sldn, artificially induced

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the Z3*gomatico facial foramen, or at the sciatic notch. If it be ]

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We have but few exact observations as to the grade and course of the

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quaintcd with the malady, and see a child thus affected for the first

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dergoes a change in cases of long-standing epilepsy. EaquinA caUf

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of soda instead of nitrate of potash, which is probably more

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tice — having given me a great reputation as the possessor of a sover-

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"atonic" indicates, where the debilitated organism is not in coadtticm

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wmtmifB a purple color. The forehead and checks are often similarly

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are rarelj* attacked by alnlominal t j'^ihus ; peTSons of middle ag« an

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just as tiie patient is beginning to recover from his eleven or twenty-

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ued coolness of the surfiicc, even under thick feather-beds (which is

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arm placed under circumstances favorable to their development

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I the course of infectious diseases fix)m which acute articular rbeuma-

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that there is no essential difference between the nodular sjphiloraa, or

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Symptoms axd CotnwE. — ^The seat of favus is almost eiclusiwh-

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wide^pTHHl character of the hypcnKsthesia, as well as by the simul-

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explains this position correctly, by ascribing it to tJic patient's attempt

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converted into a red VTiscular mass, intimately connected with the peri-

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the Cure of their Horfes, if Farriers be wanting to Confult with. It is

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spirations, in which the deep depression of the diaphragm causes the

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disease than in scorbutus, \Mien it attacks an otherwise healthy and

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the internal ones, it is doubtful whether the headache, oppresaioti, wi^

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of nutritive disturbances to which these maladies give rise.

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not heal after reaching this stage, the epithelium covering the

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tion of scrofula into the torpid and erethitic forms has been made.

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have died of chorea have been either negative, or else »o

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TREATMEirr. — Prophylaxis demands that the circumstances wUck

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than the spores. Its very common occurrence among patients

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this, disorders (principally of the cerebrospinal nervous system) ariae^

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ences gives no guaranty for a favorable terminatiotu The number of

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subcutaneous tissue, cartilage, and c^'eu the bones of Uie nose, are

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paralyzed side. We have no satisfactory ex])lanation of this circa*

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deep somnolence, and look stupid; at night they have high delirium,

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of fulfilment than the first. Unfortunately, we know of no sxupe meeae

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Therefore every Farrier fhall have great refpeft to the Air wherein a

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unhappy cltild becomes excoriated at innumerable points. I have even

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mgOf each one of whose joints successively became swollen ; and