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the blood is consequently thinned- Tlie capillary circulation is
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till the discharge from the nose has ceased. Quite often the infli
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to continue the cure or to discontinue it, we decide to give one or two
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cases, as the entire wound generally becomes converted into a chancre.
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tics show epilepsy to bo a very common disease, about six epOfp*!
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the internal organs occur. Moreover, in confluent small-pox, duiiiw
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oscyamus and floviors of zinc), have a good reputation ; we begin with
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ic veBsels can be detected between the primary sore and the indolent
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reason, and the conviction that the internal administration of mercu-
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where it may readily be watched and its extension observed. In i
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of the nodule, and after a while bursts, leaving a yellow scabi h
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extent, or deep and extensive, the destruction of tlie mucous
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I supplied by nerves which pass tliitnugh long, narrow chan-
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effect on the transformation of tissue from what is induced by the use
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