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^ble ; but every attempt to move the joint or the slightest pres-

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which hypochondriacs often live, and their inmioderate use of Wt^ I

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sis, stimulant treatment is usually more appropriate. If the

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I «rd the shoulder, asdlla, or bip. Occasionally, ut the height of these

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the point of salivation, large doses of belladonna, and a series of other

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or that in wliich nitrogen is to be supplied to the system by adminis-

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are often crowded closely together, and stand upon a reddened but,

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even (b the Air, according to School-men's Opinions, was not left altoge-

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and, as any accident which may occur under such treatment will cer-


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in the bones of the nose and bard palate. Tlie vomer and the '

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or less grotes(iue character. This latter form of sensorial or loailal

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the blood, during dysentery, as well as the more or less severe fever

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tents of the pustules, and in the perspiration of patients having

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nerves of special sense. Connected with these there is a series of j«^

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tempts to satisfy their thirst often fail, because the tongue

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evidence that a patient has been scrofulous during childhood. In the

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by various recognizable causes. Among these are irritation of the

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