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Trkatment. — -The treatment of auoesthesia is never satisiictorv,
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ftied, feeble contractions still remain possible, litis condition
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O of electricity. Excellent results «re not unfrequently attained
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circulation. In our first volume we have already given a detailerl »c>-
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air. We do not know why, but great epidemics of intermittent have
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of which I oljserved some cases in the Magdeburg hospital ; a laige
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*J"i I ui, although the convulsions occurring in protracted cases
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instead of cool drinks, when there is severe bronchitis, is based ratbef I
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iKiwever, he had misunderstood me, and, instead of raising the dose
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Anatomical Appeabances. — On anatomical examinatiocK
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above symptoms arc of variable intensity ; but in some cases it Usts i
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occasionaUy spread around from one place to another. The ooQta^oB'^
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skin is bathed in sweat ; the belly is inflated from air w*hich 1
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allayed, and these symptoms are aocorapanied by a feeling of great
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upon the constancy in the situation of the disease as an important &
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drawn the superior angle upward, and the weight of the arm and tiie
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by the rigidity of the thorax and the tension of the abdominal
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and absent from Magdeburg for any length of time, during the autum-
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, water is preferable to either cold or hot. The l)ody and Ixjd-
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I to the present time it has been observed almost exclusively in women,
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exanthema, the affection of the mucous membranes is charaoterixed bjr
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by it throws the nerv-e-filires passing through it or originating
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ing the part onoe or twice daily with a LtigoVs solution (iodine 3%
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man's fist, and of an irregular, knobby form. By-and-by fhictialMO,
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addition of water, kills the trichinie even in large pieces ; on the otber
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iabes, and often the last trace of the enlargement docs not disnppear
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veotyver after five or six repetitions of the cautery.
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and whose surface is generally broken up into numerous blocks,
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of neuralgia in some persons more readily than in others.
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Like measles, the disease may be carried by persona who do
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the pressure of tlic pus. As soon as this occurs, and aftcj- the skin
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ease at this period presents niaoy varieties, according as the malady
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vegetables, milk, and bathing in rivers or the sea, especially after stOK
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then becoraos dangerous. Lastly, in still other cases there is no im-
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disease, the action of these methods of treatment is merely palliative,
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other tliigh. Eczema of the lower extremities is most common
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great hann done by excessive limitation of the supply of ncmrishaMBV
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recommendatioiij to give quinine in one large dose instead of in sevez^ J
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become hard and rigid ; a*dema, fever, and other symptoms charucteri^
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«f the palsied nerve is of similar import. If the continuance of the
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Etiology. — Next to the sciatic, no nerve b so often the sesl <
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flamed lymphatics. Sometimes the disease seems to go no further
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( it contain many pus-cells. The swelling visible about the affected
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! on the part both of physician and patient. Instead of the pills,
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blisters to the places wliere the nerve lies close under the skin.^1
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Symptoms xsj) Coitrse. — L The Primary Si/phiJitic Jmhtra-
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ning a rapid eom^e, and holding the same relation to ordinary vaoeias
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usually perishes either long before or else during birth, it will be|
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on in the Ixxiies of young girls at the period of puberty ; but w©
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Too free use of tliem must be avoided, and the patient mubt
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they fall, leave brovmish stains behind. This, also, is an ofaetinate
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the sugar rarely disappears &om the urine. Finally, since Clatule
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I deal, and expectorate quantities of tough mucus. The objective
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footed others with variola or varioloid, and vice versa, api>ear due to
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blue. The flo^v of blood to the fingers is often entirely arrested ; tliey
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ITie predisp<:)sition to acute articular rheumatism is very unequal in
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of a pea, a cherry, or jierhaps of a walnut. At first their contents
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dium and lining membrane of the vessels are infiltrated, red, and
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shows whether the neuralgia can be cured by the induced current
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is, only a small proportion of topers and gourmands are affecte«l by gout
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remain free from it vrith especial frequence. There also are well-
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and which are known as " blood murmurs," to distinguish them from
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foon be deceived in the Adminiftration of his Phyfick. Therefore, I
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, some of the affections entitled measles (" R^itheln '■ ).
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tbe patient is to rid him of his mtirbid sensations. For this purpose it
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foliaceus the liquid constantly pushes further and further beneath Ui*
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the intestinal trichini\3 bear joung not only once but repeatedly, and
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tion, and at other parts of the chest there are numerous loud rhooi
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