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Symptoms and Coitkse. — The disease almost always begins wit

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indigestion, restless sleep disturbed by dreams, headache,

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vray9 beneficial. Where there is much meteorism, we may attempt to

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sons who worked at the spinning-wheel, the right arms were attacked.

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the height of the disease, the, charaderitiio ehaingH ixmsUt eM^y in

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it would be better to designate as pure neuralgia those cases that corh

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no longer acted upon by volition, so that the muscles cannot b< nude "

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dejections of dysentery patients, or by the night-stools, bed-pans, or

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oreasote, and left in the smoke only a short tirae^ or not at all, affords

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corpse-like, particularly at the uncovered parts (stadium algidum).

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cleanliness of habit certainly plays but a very subordinate rOle in tli«r

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ouinot determine, we may order alterant mineral waters and l^atha.

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perhaps sooner, the jmstules burst and discharge their contents^ wbii

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which exacerbates with every paroxysm and remits with each apyrcxia.

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tbe patients would have some impression of the cj^uality of this irrita-

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of '^irmnn baths. Every year troops of paralytic patients, curable and

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upon the face itself, such as cold, a contusion, or the pressure of •

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f in the neck, which the physidan in charge priDposftl to open by

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case pendsta throughout life, with vaning intensity. It rarely termi-

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inflammation to which the growth of the fungi in the hair-follicles gives

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Among children, women, mechanics, and poor people, thia dispropor-

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disproiKjrtion between the intensity of the malady and the consequ

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of the pocks or their areolcB, 5. Except during the prevalence j

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Symptoms and CouitfiE. — Morbid excitement of the spinal acnes-

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pounding of his Medicines for every Difeafe : Therefore you fhall firft

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TsEATMRNT. — A suitable treatment Avill often afford great relief

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silTcr, which have also been recommended He has oome to tins deci-

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tus and herpes iris, if not all of them, owe their origin to the pracoce

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[but in the i)emieious influence of the nieasles poison on the entire or^

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of the practice of circumcision. Infection is also more likely to occur

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lessness and the mental development causes the latter to appear

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vaccination, we still consider it foolhardy and improper to make use>

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of intermittent, contraindicates the admiuistration of sulphate of

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• moist rAles in the chest, the dulness along the spine disappears ;

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for the purpose of discoimectiiig it from the brain, should be given up;