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their owti, because they have not followed the rules laid down

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reoommeDces, and again a small quantity of dysenteric dejections of a

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without any ulcerations having occurred, it is called Ittpua non tJDtdm'

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ical signs of condensation of the lung, show the occurrence of poeu- I

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every three days, had added one bolus at every dose.

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coDtractile power of cold upon the skin, and to the anjemia of

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but it cannot be maintained that our insight into the mode in which

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epiual oolunm posteriorly, and the margin of the ribs anteriorly. An

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pressed point is remarkably thin. The effect is different when th

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mnlfip occurs quite frequently iu i>opulated countries, most persons

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still have straight legs, usually have chicken-breast, perfectly agrees

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well-established fact that syphilis may be thus transmitted from fiithe

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the premature suspension of remedies still urgently required, on ac-

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claims that, by galvanization of the sympathetic, and at ibo mMtaU

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spontaneously or by artificial means. We are not agreed even as to

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tr»atment is nt>t adapted for private practice, being too irksome

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be torn off by the comb. Beneath the scabs of the ecthyma pustules,

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lodicsdaDS re^iuire the trciitment of the disposition for neuralgia; and,

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and, more rarely, hiemorrhages into the stomach, hsemorrhagic tnfiuo* ^

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^■inea a|)pears sporadically, but not often, but shows a great tendency

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tent fever. According to many observers, copious sediments of lA*

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and pustules, having discolored ichorous contents, and sometimes real

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of trichinee into the musdes. The presence of diarrhoea should not

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from the loss of bone, consist of the specific neoplastic jiroduct of

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modio seizures induced by every effort to drink, create a certain resem-

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infection, which generally only induces j)alpable cJianges in the skin,

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tiutn by syphilitic mothers. Grencrally, a child sucking at the breast

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tongue and teeth becomes thicker, crusty, and fetid ; the s

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vicinity of the valve than in the upper part of the intestine, and

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where the disease was carried from one place to anotlier by scarlatina

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however, the majority of healthy persons are unaware of it, when thfj

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DOAy depend not only on diminution or enlai^meut of the oi^gan, but

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duction of sweat. Healthy persons sweat profusely when covered by

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Its onset is marked by a fit of choking suddenly induced by an attempt

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nant scarlatina ; and, in cases where there is no dangerous local dinraifii,

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Treatment of the gangrenous chancre is to be conducted upon simi-

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tractile power and enooimter no resistance from their antagotustik;

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mellitus, its specific gravity is very low, rarely exceeding 1005. Its

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again become feculent — the convalescence is almost always slow. The

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ulcer. The period at which the process of repair commences is toj

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it cau hardly be denied that some connection does really exist be t weeo

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) previous irritation during the course of febrile diseases, assum-

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lieve that much injury may be done hy blind faith in the correctness

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Btxacrion of blood or calomel even in rooent cases. Tracheotomy

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kills the tricMme. Ver}^ few cases of encapsulated trichimc, and not

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upon the face. There is also a herpes prepuCialis, whidi, as it likewiss

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hand, avoid general blood-letting ; for epileptics, though quite

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these remedies, and, if it fail, must try another ; and, in this frightful

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cases tliis stage lasts one or two days, and rarely longer. The

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markable lack of intensity of the symptoms, or by any other peculiari-

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in the male ; and in certain cases an almost unmistakable hereditary

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ai w^ to exalted irritability of the pcriplieral nerves as to an over-

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often complicated with the articular form of the disease. Catching

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in suppuration, producing acne jntsttdes. But it sometimes

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lUbQ po^'morteni appearances differ from those above described, and Wfl

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m the secretion, but upon putrefactive decomjwsition of the pcrspira-

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nitude ; in other cases, every part of the face where the hair grows is

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pharynx. Genemlly speaking, such a fit only lasts a few minotn;

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intermittent, observed by Frerichi^ there was profuse diarrhoea seven-

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excitement to whit^li the various motor nerves are subject. Just M ex*!

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least see that the patient drinks plenty of \rater. In order that this

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Sa aovnethnes abused. From this abuse we have become acquainted

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designate as relapses the many cases where paroxysms recur shortly

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I people, they are able to connect one idea with another, and to form

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clination on the part of the patient to deceive him, and to conceal a

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^ obeerved without our understanding how the morbid excite-

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the danger. Whether a remission occur on the seventh day or not,

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lenta fur malaria, marshes, etc, are not present. It attacks

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not know whether the change of symptoms be due to a modificatio

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of the bronchi, by extending into the airHjelU of the lung, and by in-

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^Brioo oould be readily observed without its being detected, or even being

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appear are very remarkable. During such epidemics, while the cases

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during the application. An erythema, that lasts for some time,

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color of the skin gradually grows darker, and then changes

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