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depression of the patient^s spirits, amounting to an acute mdaocholy,

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places, or with the almost exclusive occurrence of scarlatina epideodos

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the chief cause of scrofula to be the impairment of the normal develop-

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patient endeavor to discover the cause of his indisposition. He scru-

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and is not at all improbable, and, iinally, as we know no other

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dergoes a change in cases of long-standing epilepsy. EaquinA caUf

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"iDental and bodily derangement correspond, and do not stand in con-

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whether vaccinated or not, are attacked by varicella, not by variola or

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excatement of the sensory nerves which must be regarded as of a dif-

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epidemics are fully described ; for imperfect extraots from them would

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vesicles, and pustules are often excoiiated by the nails, and ouu ygrtri

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of VitUeix, according to which the disease often b^an after _

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always the same fungus, the mucor mnado (reru*) of FYe»^ It is i

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four stages. In the first or congestive stage, the muoous mcml

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genuine affection of the spinal accessory nerve and the cervical nerroi

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spontaneously. The rahie* of other races of animals and the hjdn>

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'^rimieh the exudation proceeds, is accompanied by a sense of it^ching,

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of eczema frequently appear upon the face, although the impetigiaoUB

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in a case adapted for the water-cure treatment, but is absolutely pei^

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functions makes it improbable that the movements of chorea origii»l«

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quite inexplicable if the irritation acted on the periphery. How slionld

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oertjiin conditions, the quantity and quality of these secretions vary

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dnink by him, and if we deduct from tliis the loss of weight, and the

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the deep hue of their blood, because their capillaries are inadequately

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I are extirpated in vain, should not deter us from operating again. The

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is often seen. The fact that smoked trichinous flesh is repeatedly

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also aerriceable. The mineral acids are of no benefit whatever. The

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L'Oiiflilly extends to the neighlwring parts of tlie limb, and on careful

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without it : It is the greateft mover of Digeftion, and fo confequently

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ity without fever, characterized by depression, or as proaounowl nwUfr

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ply of replacing material ; the sleeplessness and pain also increase the

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or the organism inclined to a more or less severe disease. It has abo

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than in the polar regions or the tropics. At some timea, particqluiy

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appear at once, or in a very short time, and the infected poreoo woU

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lYetj exactly, and emetics are used too freely ; some physicians begin

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tion. The deviations of the intestinal affection in typhus, as regards

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scure one) of the condUtion of the internal viscera, as long as tJbey in

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tr»atment is nt>t adapted for private practice, being too irksome

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axilla, and one for the ulnar nerve, the i>oint between the inner con-

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the tongue, or when a few scattered pustules form u]X)n the scalp, the

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should be given to the stories of diabetic fiatients passing six or eight

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exudation, the tumor becomes much enlarged, and is no longer movar

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and epiphyseal cartilages. The epiphysea are thickened and not

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even know that the seat of tlie malady really lies in the spiwl

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of tar and green sonp (aa 3 j), in alcohol ( 3 ij), to the pure tar or ibe

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hither and thither, the forehead and eyebrows twitch, the eyes open

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their reception, and who did not always tell that they had prevnously

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. the simple form, sometimes the squamous or the impetiginous

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that are coughed up, and that he should warn the attendants on the

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completely overthrown the ancient errors regarding the origin

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Bmie of potassium in epilepsy is not as yet sufficient to allow me to ex-

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salivation sometimes occurs more suddenly and with greater seven

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ffk tifter the reception of these patieota^ two patients that had laid

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white patches in the fauces at our first examination, than to have the*

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burrow is scratched open. Sleeping with a person afflicted with

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poultice for some time, after which it is to be carefully washed sevail

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and results from irritation of the skin at the orifloes of the perepiator

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takes place, contrary to all exj>ectation. Occasionally, also, death

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ing hot, the cold being cold, c^c. Whereas contrariwife, to have a hot

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be eruption induced by the parasites, and by the scratching wliich

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ing feather beds, which exist in all large cities. We have already

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adds a fifUi species, eczema pap\Uosuni^ to the scries. Since a serous

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overlooked by inexjierienoed and careless physicians, the bladder

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Etiology. — Many dermatologists consider varioella as

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loOBSequent drj-ness of the mouth, or whether the chorda tympani

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, among persons whom we suspect, or whom we know, to suffer

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when it makes its appearance a few days after birth, it usually proves

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of color peculiar to extravasations, l>lae, green, yellow, etc. When

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and a dilatation of the capillaries seems to be consequent upon th« ^\

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blood-vessels have been found to be remarkably thin and delicate. In