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aame in dysentery as in cholera, and consec^uently its influence on the
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great hann done by excessive limitation of the supply of ncmrishaMBV
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In our first volume we have described the scorbutic sore moutli in
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tiic ganglion of Gasser is degenerated or destroyed. In such cases
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is seldom long withheld. I have already said that rehipses of cblorosia
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fuch moifture. If the Difeafe fpring from the Water, as Colds, Rheums,
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of inllaminatory exudations at circumscribed spots form small ftapules
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to be current in any region where an epidemic disease is prevuHflf.
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and which always develops in the same manner. Sehru
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«iiun»tion of the cases where it had been done, that, after excluduig
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only who suflFered from tlie severest form of the disease (cholera as-
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amount of uric acid was only normal It is, to some extent, justifiaUs
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the high^t grades of dysentery, treatment is almost always
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should the hysteria continue as long as the uterine disease lasts,
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scrofulous otorrhoea, the lymphatic glands of the neck are the most
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stretch them is very painful. The different muscles swell considerably,
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this is only because their mind is more affcct-ed ; they can no
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accompanied by caseous degeneration of the bronchial glands,
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not affecting the scrotum or labia. Besides the above symptoms, from
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walls of the vessels, hypencmia and serous exudation in the brain and
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loss of sugar might undergo temporary diminution by this (>rooedure,
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cUnia The antagonism between the secretioiia of the skin and kid-
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} place not only at the point of application, but occur equally or at
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extremely susceptible to external inJlueiices, yet tliis may be due quite
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Should the healing of the ulcer or resolution of the induration oocne to
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fasting, that, at a certain period during the night, there must be nc
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ing, nitrates of potash and scKla, tartrate of antimony in small doses,
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by inoculating healthy subjects with syphilitic \'irus, we were uoaUe
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tliere is usually (harrhcea, with fetid evacuations mingled with shreds
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J^&riasis must always be treated locaUy and with the mctst energetic
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suffering from inelaneholia attonita. It also sometimes pre-
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lljr transferred through a gland to a motor nerve. We must
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morbid excitement of the cutaneous branches by pressure on
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ly suttsidea aa gradually as it dcvelo|jed. In less favorable
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called scrofulous, not^vithstanding the great similarity, nay, the abso-
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recurrent succession of them, is followed by mental derangement,
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a mixture of carbonate of potash 3 vj, liquor Ijydrarg. nitric osjddl
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esis regarding the preponderaooe of the salts of soda over those of
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>1 of the hand, and a forra made up frcmi the last two of these
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well as superficially, than other varieties, during the drying stage
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mOiary tuberculosis directly follow measles), but only that'mcMtf
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houses, and workhouses, the disorder also breaks out among adults
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eat. In prurigo the princijml seat of the papules and scratched places
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was often quite evident that the iodic exanthema had been mistaken
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of my assistant), cotnplained of rigors, great depression, tightness of
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I case of tic convulsif, subcutaneous incision of the facial muscles
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• from Bexual excess. Thei-e is a very large number of profouudly-
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grows very weak and rapid, extensive oedema arises in the subcuta-
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also be envelop<*d in cotton wool, and a vapor-bath may be takes.
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obtainable, brandy-and-water should be administered. The cjost of
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from fresh osteomalacic bones was of alkaline reaction. There
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nodules are soft, of a grayish-red color, and infiltrated with a soanty
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color, and then no longer are effaced bj the finger, pro«ng' that
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the evening temperature is neai-ly two degrees liigher than that of
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Its course is chronic, and, if the pernicious influences under which it
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aerrioe. The action of tliese springs is to be ascribed to the modifica-
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tor palsy of the arm which proved refractory to all treatment, in a per-
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have in vain tried cod-liver oil and other anti-scrofulous remedies, to
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attack. Tlie attacks sometimes occur spontaneously, and, except
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the excoriation heal in a few da^-s, under the a])plication, twice a ti»J,
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metacarpal and metatarsal articulations, but they may also attack any
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excess in the blood, has been found in the products of gouty inflam-
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my experience, Russian vaporbaths do less good in chronic rheuma-
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new Editions, which are the very Exellencies of all my Knowledge, pla-
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pass from the intestinal canal into the muscles ; or among the infec-
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Etiologt. — A raorbid imtabilitj invoh-ing the twigs of the fiMoll
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disappear ; the face becomes flushed, and herj>etic vesicles ofteji come
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liquorice into pills, each of which contains half a grain. Next to calo-
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for they may go ftand or lie down at their own pleafure.
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teristic features in a scrofulous eruption or arthritis, or to find any dif-
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onic, such as turning in the thumbs, foaming at the mouth,
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in cliilditti, particularly at the period of dentition, does not seem to be »
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temple, face, in the orbit, nose, palate, body of the tongue,
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In malignant cases, the hypcrsemia of the skin is occasionally i
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Symptoms xsj) Coitrse. — L The Primary Si/phiJitic Jmhtra-
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catheter twice a day. It is equally common for her to remain m bed|
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firom reabsorption of ichor. Lastly, there is frequently thrombosis of