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by the continued irritation of the deposits, after a time cause ]

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nefs to the Water, and Drinefs to the Earth. And thus briefly you.

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I arthrocaci and tumor albus. Chronic deforming rheumatism we

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its should be given fn>ra time to time, to try and prevent com*

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effect on the bodily temperature and frequency of the pulse. After

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Treatment. — ^Many cases of impetigo require no treatment »i ^

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f and take up the treatment again a few months later. In " cold-water

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porta nt differences between varioloid and variola occur in the Jt^ge td

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gia (herpes zoster), and lastly, the atrophy or excessive develop-

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glands, and maculous or papulous exanthemata, and above all upon

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these cases, why the irritation from a constitutional disease shod^i

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^iioQ most be repeat^ from time to time, if we would prevent a return

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grows hoarse and feeble, the respiration shallow, the pulse small, irrog^

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tbcjae csaes where the ligaments arc mostly aflected, iodide of potash


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dose of opium. This treatment is enough for many cases of mild d^-s-*

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the bowels, which scarcely ever occurs in the diarrhoea induced by cado

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ever keep an able and fubftantial Body. But to our purpofe ; of this

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tact, and thus form arched lines, tliey constitute the so-called erytlifla* .

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fuftain the Body •, the Virtue Retentive, by which it retaineth and keepeth

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\^irtue incident to the Brain, which through the Sinews coming like little

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nostic mark, since it is nearly always seen upon the skin of peopi*

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<f beidache and pain in the back. Although, strange to say, there ia

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of the pointed form. They are less prominent, however, and show a

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deposited in the terminal and peripheral layers of bone, because they

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art^ and others, of feeding animals with flesh containing trichinae, it

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sjrmptoros allayed, but a permanent cure is effected. There are other

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greater where we can discover any such disturbances. During ti» j

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while the 'syphilitic taint at times gives rise to palpable s^-mptoms, at

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Ifiillfl of ext couii, ext, papaver (ana gr. ij), ext. stramonii (gr. \ — |),

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ternal hiernorrhages, extensive extravasations occur beneath the skin,

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chiefly the eyelids, in which the oonjimctiva also participates occasion-

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constant current in clironic articular rheumatism confirm me in tbe b»

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I calcareous deposits. The processes observed in the diaphyses are

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laryngitis caused by infection with diphtheritic contagion.

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scribed above oocur, there can be no further doubt of the chaQcrous

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lly when there is undigested food in the stomach, should we give a

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benefit from the application of leeches to the abdomen (in adi:

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merely of an intermediate nature between the secondary and tertiMj

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probably owing to the small amomit of urea which it contains, iind its

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tent fever. According to many observers, copious sediments of lA*

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strution of quinine in suilBcicnt doses, relapse docs not occur in

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more enabled to lift his arm above his shoulder without diffic

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and bound up the fingers and toes of her babe, never suspecting that

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riphcnil parts, which is iiiminishcd in spite of the increased tmuperature

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two sexes ia really due to a difference of liabit and occupation

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predisposition so much, that persons, who have long been exposed to 1

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of scarlatina, the b!tx>d is genendly poor in fibrin, thin and dark, and

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compauied by nausea and vomiting. At the same time the patient

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bmnes. Like catarrh, too, it is a disease of the surface rather thau of

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severe cramp of the leg. The contours of tlie temporal* and omsMtet

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nonnally soft. This view is not in opposition to the fact that rachitic

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only affects a few persons who are i>eculiarly disposed. There is not J

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Pruasia, etc., have dispelled this error. In the British Islands, and in

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erj' is not uncommon, the physician's art having many a triumph orw

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and is not at all improbable, and, iinally, as we know no other

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Qg from lifemorrhage into the cutis is not effacetl by pressure.

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EnoLOOY, — Like chorea, lockjaw is a derangemetit of the motnr

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Bi^riile of producing involution of the hypertrophy of the papOlary

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duration is capable of disappearing without their use, and that thia j

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