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effect on the bodily temperature and frequency of the pulse. After
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good health of the patient. For these alternations, which usually re-
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I In a few minutes, however, the |Mitit;nt recovers; looks wililly around
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.phragm by the distended intestines, and only a small part of it lies in
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oertain points, particularly in the bones lying close beneath the skin,
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no blood from the heart, contract and press their contents into Um
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fuch temperature as is moft proper unto his kind, which is beft dif-
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iwre witness^! in the treatment of tic convulajf, by faradization and
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should be long continued in order to produce fjavorablc results, certain
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fuftain the Body •, the Virtue Retentive, by which it retaineth and keepeth
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I are sometimes cut, either by accident or intentionally, during
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'iresidee or pustules arise, accompanied by a herpetic or impetiginous
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morose and angiy when they are held or in any way restrained
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artificially. The Ixiwela are usually somewhat constipated,
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greater where we can discover any such disturbances. During ti» j
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experiments that the very large quantity of liquid which they imbibe
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worms in the intestines, onanism, pregnancy, and other agents. In
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the side, so as to avoid pressure on the sore iMirts. They no longer
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constant current in clironic articular rheumatism confirm me in tbe b»
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Farrier ihall be careful in his compoling of every Medicine for fuch a
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EnoLOGY. — The itch is an inflammation of the skin charactencJ
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strution of quinine in suilBcicnt doses, relapse docs not occur in
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ral Heat, carry in their little Channels over the whole Body, that Air
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oatod in these symptoms. At all events, as we have before sold, col*
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of scarlatina, the b!tx>d is genendly poor in fibrin, thin and dark, and
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compauied by nausea and vomiting. At the same time the patient
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jntermittent fever, as these observations contrast with a large number
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often find petechia, miliary vesicles, ecthyma pustules, and, in some
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erj' is not uncommon, the physician's art having many a triumph orw
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duration is capable of disappearing without their use, and that thia j
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euinthemata by external applications, does not prove any thing re-
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The local symptoms are generally very decided ; the burning,
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.ierial deviation from the " normal " course, and where the different
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J» oAen described as hj-sterical urine- — urina spastica.
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depressed, and complain of travelling pains, and a certain stiffiiess in
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had diarrhoea. Since it has been known that dK>lera is oohr ^^1
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nizoral tablets dosage tinea versicolor
I destructions of the skin, such as used to occur frecjuently, were
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**7 great benefit from the !>}^»dennic injection of a solution of curare
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Affection tiian are those where it develops in the course of several days.
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lis loss of irritability is due to physical or to cliemical changes
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depenils, as I above indicated, on the dilution of the urine aad i
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I eye — nictUcUio, or a rigid, violent cli>sure of the lids — Uepharo«pa«-
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maculous exanthema, or by a syphilitic angina ; but, at this stage, the
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if the epidermis possess sufficient resisting power, not to give way im-
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eczema and to other diseases of the skin is often oalled a herpetic ^
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which partly favor derivation to the skin, partly maintain an equable
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joint but the first one of the great toe; in other words, it is ntxhi
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Horfes are of Nature Pleafant, Nimhlc^ Tree, and of good Strength. The
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is well to bejnn the treatment with leeches or wet cups, unless con-
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it* In other cases the attacks are unmistakably due to mental
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durated ulcer, or after the subsiding of the outbreak last treated.
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^ aocxmipanied. As mental im|X«SBion8 produce an unusual inlluence
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irritation acting on a nerve, which causes the neuralgia, acts contin»i1
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are not aecompanied by any peculiar symptoms, are usually
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that it appears almost justifiable to regard this form of chronic intes-
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is well known that pigs not unfrequeutly eat live and dead rats, and it
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With the first apjieaniDoe of the roseola spots, which occurs in the
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rise to the disease b^' the pnssure which they exert upon peripheral
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teristic, so that from it alone the real nature of the disease may be *\c-
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I rub in a whole drachm. Upon the first day I apply it to the lej
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by an effitsion of blood, so as to form bluish bullse. The upper por-
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lattecks of pain, vomitintr comes on. The patieuta cannot lie on the
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much endangered if it become severe. Unless the temperature rise
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