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IiiCttipheral origin. The induction apparatus, the exaggerated and in-

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, and watching his bodily condition with all t!je attention and anx-

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twenty-four or thirty-six hours. The pocks are generally leas waatr

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who have been in the same room vdih diphtheritic patients, without

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wait till the second or thinl, after the teeth have developed, because '.

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evidence of its success. Frictions of the slda with tincture of in«

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the same b true, if between the fourth and sixth days the evening temper»tuT« dO^

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sis. Many patients attain a great age, and, when they belong to d»

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'of the first crop, are ordinarily much paler, or have entirely disappeared,

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favorable efFect of this treatment, especially of the application of cold

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in speaking of hypenemia of the skin, when allowed to act with great-

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extent infiltrated by a graj-ish-white, soft exudation, covering the <

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shows us that the poison inducing the former is not identical with thai

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mnd oontrast less with the white brain-substance than they did earUcr

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the dose administered is sufficient, and although I do not regard the

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quently their resistuig power is decreased. The excessive prolifera

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are sometimes rjbservttble as a result of such impressions.

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ease is accompanied by a copious excretion of urates through the lod'

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ritis occurs not only in the small intestine, but often extends to the

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poisoning are often, but not always, followed by secondary affections

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Jy, the muscles appear very dark red, hard, and dry. The blood in

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sation, and which resembles the wheals of nettle-rash, is called f^

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mer. Tlie itcliing is usually most distressing in the evening, and rt

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other fix which be not Natural, ^o far forth as they concern the Of-

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vestige of a former disease, astonishing advantage is often gained by

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pearance of a peripheral affection be followed by an attack upoat

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symptoms of severe cardialgia, which is occasionally aooompaiu«d

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idiosyncrasy of the patient, salivation occurs later than I had expected,

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the skin changes into mucous membrane, especially upon the rootitl^

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blood. We have already stated that it is rare for congenital syphilig;

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which impede the entrance and exit of air. The very slight amount


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In^ to the hairs, while still others are sprinkleti upon the cJothiug-, are

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eoojunctiva, the acrid secretion which constantly bathes the skin often

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ment of palsy, is mainly due to their really surprising efhcacy in rheu-

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it k very extensive, we may decide that the injurious influence is in the

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of some intercurrent disease, the daily flow of urine becomes normal,

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extremity, there is great hypenemia of that limb, and con

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this mode of origin to be improliable. This primary icho{>athic form

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:erit, must he regarded as of this character. The affection

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(lie chilling of perspiring feet may induce disease, nor that the rc(}6tab>

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aphimosis), chemical agents, or irritation of the sore by the putre-

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Qg from lifemorrhage into the cutis is not effacetl by pressure.

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portioQ to the tumor whose remains it represents, but after repeated

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pulse usually increases to ninety or a hundred, or even higher. Its fre-

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special effort. Li other patients, signs of digestive dernngemeut,

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the transformation of tissue and the consumption of the eon-

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arisen repeatedly without assignable cause ; if it be accompanied by a

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also occasionally primary, and even when there have been no attacks

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nerve. In such cases tlie oiieration may, to some extent, protect Uie

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has been transmitted from man to man. The virus of glanders seeins

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S lihort time, serve to exalt the excitabiiity of a nerve, have a

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it can scarcely be doubted that it is derived from that of the blood ;

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iut, through almost all Europe, the conditions for the increase and

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the bends of the joints, upon the genitals, and between the nates;

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consist of an almost colorless and odorless fluid, holding in sospeofliail

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that in old, decrepit persons, if ]>hysical examination be neglected, the

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3 83 ; aquse calds 3 ij), the yellow-wash (hyd. chlor. corroaiv, gr. j ;

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termined as that of most other maladies that have been known a long

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inflammation of the parts alxmt them may be attended with great

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success. If the attack be followed by an asthenic fever with tj

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others the rigor is repeated several times. The sldn grows hot, the

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a coming paroxysm and of cutting it short. On the whole, oompra*-

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the pia mater and in the latertd ventricles; the cerebral substanoe

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coalesce, imparting to the mucous membrane a peculiar worm-eaten

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paired, the good effect of mercury in allaying secondary svmptoms is

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and of "eating-sores," by means of a secret remedy. It would

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may even perforate the cranial wall The inner surface of the pericra-

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Klhtion of chlorofonn is an excellent palliative for the severer forms

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their mouth as fast as it forms, lest they be tempted to endeavor to

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that this view also is not problematical It does not explain wfay tfe

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following exciting causes will induce the disease, while persons witb<

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among non-specific ulcers. Far more frequently, and probably alwa3-s,

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^ redden the skin, or cause supertieial inllanimatiun of it, are to be pre-

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cholera patients taken into the Paris hospitals is said to be one-eighth

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of the submucous tissue, and of the nmseular and serous coats, but cer-