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thirst, are altogether tlistinct diseases. In the former, the urine does

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metamorphoses of the hiematin thus set free. In very recent cases the

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k while the thermometer i)hiced«in the axilla still rises to 104'' to 106° in

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begins in the periosteum, sometimes in the bone itself, now presenting

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inflammation of the intestine ; in still others there are numerous furun-

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lly when there is undigested food in the stomach, should we give a

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by interlacing, hard, white oonls. In the case of lupus hy-

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improves 'somewhat, probably because the perspiration is freer; hat

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tumor, it becomes a matter of doubt whether these influenoet M0t

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act advantageously on the pneumonia and other compUcationa, while

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jKjpular, and the attempts to make this so "exact^-" tnay int

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we notice firequently, but not always, as Gutrin asserts, that the dis-

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the exciting cause of the re|>eated paroxysms is, so much the more

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pnoL If we examine large numbers of women, we find moderate de-

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from them. In proportion as the function of the limbs is gradadlj

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that even in healthy persons the amylaceous ingesta are all changed

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fever. If the eruption be very copious, the red points lie close to-

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B bj the secretion, and gives rise to a virulent abscess. When seated

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I of the skin after a mustanl plaster shows a similar action in oil

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noibg as reliable those observations which agroed, hardly ever had

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phobia uf human beings is a purely contagious malady; that is, its

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tnnotay or other agents which give rise to epilepsy, act by the ocea*

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whenever the improvement seems to flag. It is very important that

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nerres without producing in them any structural alteration. It is

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borne, they do not produce the desired effect. It is in these instances

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this purpose it is best to cover the face (wliich is the only part vamSif

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is a very brief one. Jiicord goes so fer as to declare that it has no

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crease independently of the sudden fall of the water in the soil, mod

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are rarelj* attacked by alnlominal t j'^ihus ; peTSons of middle ag« an

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coating of the tongue and teeth causes a very disagreeable, penetrating

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or less marked cyanotic appearaoce. This is most apparent in the

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ease. These precautions consist in the most scrupulous attention to

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quence corresponds to some extent with the height of the temperatxire, J

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keep the patient in his room durmg the maturating fever. If there be

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.lied hypostatic pneumonia (Vol. L). Besides tlie above, more

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Quality, wherein he exceedeth. Laflly, in many Difeafes, the change

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feet, and by sprinkling the stockings with flour of mustard, to rtesl»lh'1

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doth confume, pine away, and lofeth his Stomach, it is a iign that his

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usually moderate, raay rise quite liigh. In a feVv instances, mw-

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BwoUen and relaxed from cedeoiatous infiltration. As a nde, also, tho

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both of his opposition and lus barber's. The pustules whidi appeur

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The first lady alxjve mentioned had her guests invitx^d the

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little trouble. Tlie pocks in the mouth induce increased flow oi aalivm ;

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about the diseased glands. Acne rosacea is particularly common

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mouth, nor by the peculiar subcutaneous and intermuscular infiltra-

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investigations. Such a discovery, probably, would never have induced

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fuse, covering the hams, the calves of the legs, and the inner surface

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any disease, and so kept away from other children, and constantly sur-

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rachitis begin in the manner above described, from diarrhoea ab-

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lactic measures so important to the patient will have beocme rf

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subcutaneous areolar tissue, of caries and necrosis of the bones, but not

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condylomata, erosions, and ulcers, is one of the earlier symptoms of

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Hie greatest skeptic cannot deny that a cup of valerian tea, a few

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those who remain in the place til) tlie malaria has disappeared, that

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twitcfaingaof the muscle of the trunk pitch the budy hither and thither.

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of its relatives quite suddenly, and without the occurrenise of

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it should suddenly break out into an epidemic. Nor do we know i

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mon occinrenoe in hysteria. Closely related to these there is a form

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stinate attacks of illness induced by causes so insignificant as to have

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malarial poisoning almost always disappear without medical aid. To