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ilitic ozsena, often causing a more or less extensive destruction of the
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justifiable in those rare cases where quinine fails, even in large doses.
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J^&riasis must always be treated locaUy and with the mctst energetic
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substances. On the contrary, the non-occurrenoe of intermittent feveCp j
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and moift, cold and dry. Now the equal Temperament is divided into
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ttents, who have often lost ten to twenty pounds in weight, recover
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for his misbehavior towartl thetn, and sets his worldly affairs in order, itt
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he favors the affected side as he steps. In persons with a tendency to
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of the potassa fusa, the Vienna paste (quicklime, five parts; caustic
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animals to man, yet, as it is more especially a matter of surgical intet^
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tbe will. To this dass belong the movements which occur during the
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lies which lower the bo<Hly temperature have a decidedly favor-
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in Qfdcr to kill the itch-mite and its eggs. We are indebted to Eich-
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we have to do, and we shall not notice those rare instances in whidk
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hand, it is cruel aud iujurious to witlihold from the patient the oailj*
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lent the disease is apt to be considered of little moment, and,
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% oltvarum optimi 3 v, l^i^hargyri 3 x, cocjue L a. in molle, dein adde
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diminish the resisting power of the organism to the action of the poi-
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I of urates, the cartilages are rough, the ligaments, perifisteum,
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breaks out in about forty days after the reception of the hifc& The
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which psoriasis arises does not act continuously uptin one spot for any
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the premature suspension of remedies still urgently required, on ac-
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in connection with local treatment in the fixed form, the sjstenilv
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bodily and mental hypenBStheaia, a troubled, irritable temper, a dis-
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toms of collapse, or if the scanty urine contain quantities of albumea
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causing the papillne to produce an unhealthy epidermis, '
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disappeared, the hair-follicles are rostoriHl to health, and rc*produce
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phous laryngeal ulcers penetrating deeply, but also occurs indepei
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Three months, at least, nearly always elapse ere the hardened spot
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often twitches during these attacks, but does not xisuslly do so in
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bone, and in a macerated specimen it is impossible to tell whether the
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and that tltis increased formation of uric acid and its collection in tlie
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tion caused by pieces of musket-balls, 3. Compression of the nerm
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and filaments, which spread into the shaft of the hair in wreaths.
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I white scaler It is this milder form ■ of the disease which is usually
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of the membrane destroyed, there is a callous cicatricial tissue, n
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ally to bo repeated, until the inoculation ceases to act Apart from
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cuticle, and, where the surface is habitually soiled by -urine or the ex-
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tloual eczema have undergone some quaUtative or quantitative ch«Bg&
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the secretiiTjn of a primary sore. Exceptions to this rule seemed to oc-
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wait till the second or thinl, after the teeth have developed, because '.
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ease also is usually more severe. It is true, the diflieulty of swallow-
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of the doctrine of the duplicity of the virus (or duality, to use another
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formation of a urethral fistula, is rare. The urethral chancre is not
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As I have kept most of the patients, whom I have treated for syphilis,
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Ktioxa>qy. — In the coming chapter we leave unnoticed the variety
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patient often has subcutaneous and intermuscular absceeses, boils,
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cholera epidemic, to the action of cholera poison ; and among the laity
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tiated. But there are nuraerous instances in which, toward the end
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mi ►re rarely it continues for several hours or several days. Wl- ' '
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too, relapses occur after some days or even some weeks have
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children, is simply because the former are more ai)t to be exposed to
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riod of incubation of the malarial infection is not exactly known. It
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and divided omt from another ^ as the Vapour from the Smoak, the Smoak
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limbs, headache, or diizziness, that an attack is coming on. In the ou^
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of the body, it may be readily seen that a lazy, easy life is
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greater than it really is ; and children three years of age, who csniMH