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Therefore, from the Department that directs Pilar del Olmo is requested to apply the principle of institutional loyalty although the observations presented by Castilla y León shows that this report of the Technical Committee “is very general and vague and that can hardly serve as operational tool for a political debate on the details of the reform of the financing system “.

Castilla y León argues that the real financing needs of public services are linked to factors such as surface area, dispersion, low density and aging of the population, since “absolute population is not an adequate measure to evaluate the cost of these services, such as Health or Education, which include regional powers such as environmental protection, construction and maintenance of roads and the protection of cultural heritage. “

Likewise, the Community recalls that in the case of the services related to the Law of Dependency, the Agreement of the Conference of Presidents linked its financing to the reform of the autonomic definition system, for which it is the responsibility of the State to give the necessary conditions “to end this provisional situation and that the funding of the Dependency Law can be fully integrated into the financing system.”

On the other hand, Castilla y León believes that in order to achieve a “successful” financing reform, it is necessary to maintain the initial balance between the State and communities, given that the current model is poorly defined and some of the decisions adopted by the Government since 2009, without consensus with the affected administrations, have led to the insufficiency of this current model.

Also, from the Ministry of Finance is asked to include the negative effects of the application of the regional regimes on common system communities, as is the case of Castilla y León, so it is proposed that the new model is adopt the necessary measures to eliminate these negative effects.

In this regard, from Castilla y León it is proposed that the Interterritorial Compensation Fund be reformed as a mechanism of solidarity of the financing system, for which a budgetary adequacy and a reform of its distribution elements are necessary, at the same time that it is requested that collect the estimates of the deficiencies of the global resources of the system, which the Committee of Experts figures at 16,500 million euros per year.

The fulfillment of this condition of minimum sufficiency for the provision of Health, Education and social protection services “would allow recomposing the sufficiency of the rest of services that has been reduced to the minimum expression of the expenditure dimension”, according to the proposals of Castilla y Lion.

And to achieve this goal of minimum sufficiency

it is proposed a recovery and / or expansion of the real participation of the communities in the shared taxes, an extension of the ceded taxes or a greater volume of vertical transfers.

On the other hand, from Castilla y León, it is requested that a commitment be made that no community will worsen its financial situation as a result of the reform of the system and include proposals for technical improvement in the calculation of deliveries on account.

Community requests that the Permanent Technical Evaluation Committee be encouraged to meet periodically to analyze and issue

reports to the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council.

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