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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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leeches. The almost univei-sal mention in text-lxK)ks of one or mort

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tions, conoeming the spread of the disease, have been satisfiuciofilr ex*

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to the brain and other organs apjwjir. Tliese violent reactive i

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kmi^ duration. Loss of consciousness during an epileptic fit necessa-

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written by Dr. Fiammy under the direction of my colleague K

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ies, such as groves, stone walls, etc., and rarely passes the boundaries

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of urine and faeces, evacuated by both of the patients under observa-

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during variola, are the troubles from the affections of the mucous mem-

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mucous membrane. But, even in a few days, the s^Tnptoras

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portions of the skin where they are more exposed to cold than

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freely whenever they gain an appetite to eat, the acquirement of which

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smaU town on the Mecklenburg border, where he succeeded in urging

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tureoneor two degrees lower; late oocorrenee of the enocrbatiou (not befete 10

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tcricftl spnptonis, while, iu cases of malig^nant growth and in (

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painful. The superficial chancre often results in phimosis and pafSi*

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of mercury, requisite to produce the desired result Sali^

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first of all, attention to the intestinal disease, the arrest of the acuta J

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typhus ambuiatorius, there are numerous intermediate fonns,

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suffered any permanent injury to tlieir digestion or their general

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work in the pock pustule, which results from oid cells of the rete Ma

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patients feel languid, their sleep is restless ; the appetite is impaired,

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body. The assertion that in the above mode of life a larger amount

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ate of ammonia in it The lower stratum consists of remains of

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i»oe of the corium is insufficient to elevate the epidermis into vesicles.

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mus cease very early in the disease j the discolored, thin, fetid passages

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normaf the following dajrs, and remained so till the erupUoo appetrcdi

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society, is attributable rather to ps3'chical than to physical iufiu

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ness and depression, and an undefined feeUng of sicknesa ; but i

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diaeMe of the meninges. It has not yet been decided vrhvtli»' tly

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ticular attention to the fact that, in the dyspepsia of children, wHik

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I are extirpated in vain, should not deter us from operating again. The

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in twenty-four hours by a patient supplied moderately with nitn^^

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I Bond, pay less attention to the motions of their limbs, and do not, by

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sists in a " central affection of the medulla oblongata, having its

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clothing, and who is consequently thoroughly chilledL The size of the

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served syphilitic lesions in other organs, the spleen, the kidney, and

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light color to a deficience in coloring matter. Reduction in the supply of

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advancing stage, and at the height of the disease, as in the dedinio;

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agreeable fetor ex ore In many patients the skin is at this

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in calling it acute ; but, if we choose, we may regard the ini

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electrode containing a moistened sponge i& held in one of the patient'*

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cities, where there are numerous cases of tlie disease, the extensSm <rf

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purpuric spots are situated will often enable lis to estimate their origin

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&eem to do good, but which afterward fail as though the sjBtem hid

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they are much ntore convenient. I found that they had the same effect,

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Qjcjrsma with intervals of ease. Slight pressure on the tmnor, often

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the patient must daily take an ounce of tincture of Peruvian bark i

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moment wlien the first tokens of scrofula appear, or even as soon as

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1 that even this protection is only temporary, and that vaocina-

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I tcoky brandy, and wine, to which tliey give much greater credit than to

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and do govern and controul both the Body of Man and Beaft, and

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Fresh, pure air is very necessary for all typhus patients, and they do

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three in Number ; that is, the Caufes, the Sicknefs, and the Accidents which

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alba 9, poreellana)^ j)robably owing to compression of the

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syphilitic a£FectionB are called sccotulary affections ; others, which are

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written by Dr. Fiammy under the direction of my colleague K

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tirely), to the application of atropine in iritis, to local blood-letting,

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position by great exertion of his arms. The contrast betweea i

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of the secondary manifestations themselves, varies greatly in different

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which is going on in the muscles, which arc in a state of

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the only indication of the gouty attack. If there have alretdy I

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yeast, sugar — intended to supply the place of that lost from the blootL

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Symptoms and Couese. — The subjective signs of eczema consist

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unknowm. Hardehb^n aptly sums up this condition as follows:

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act, such as yawning, laughing, cr^-ing, although the mental emotioQ

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of knowledge Itts tpeedafy borne fruit in this instance, the importance

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fly salts, and owes its alkaline reaction to the large amount of car-

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whit'h fuvor the occurrence of chlorosis at the time of puberty ; for, al-

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are equally likely to be infested by lice and the itch-intfiect. Tlie dtrk

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case described by Neifffer^ the kidueys, contrary to aU expectation,

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bran-bread. It relieves the patients greatly, in carrj-ing out the rest

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Uy notice petectuce between the spots {morbiRi peteehiakSy

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tiie Motion of an ordinary stimulus calls forth an excitement of extraor-

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dle, which is till twelve, more hot and dry than moift ^ and in his old

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probable, althougti not proved, that rheumatic palsy is due to hyper^

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