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expect4int treatment is especially adiTsable in herpes preputiaiis. TVic

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the prodromal stage showed that the temperature was higbcat tiie

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the above state has lasted for a time, we cannot find any changes in

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and of thefe Caxifes there be two Sorts, fome Internal, fome External '. The

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of the capillary circulation in the inflamed skm, Upf)n the ap])eanmce

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which the power of accommodation is lost, and the patients begin

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all varieties of constitution by the same formula. Experience has

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tions from the above symptoms, which have no material effect on the

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existenoe. Wherever the syphihtic tubercJe appears, it conslBts of

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severe colicky pain. These gastric symptoms are soon accompanied by

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atbrefaid Humours hath his proper ufe and end, whereunto it ferveth :

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want of result of the former experiment was simply due to the immunity

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already declared that this symptom is not altogether due to an aug-

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have already begun. Both complete extinction of the already recboed

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of a capsule, which is e^^ or lemon-shaped. This capsule grows!

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entirely. Lastly, in some cases, neither during hfe nor on autopay can

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tdent maintain a rooumbcnt attitude, the first crop of spotts uaoiif'

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1. In proliferation of the cartilage of the epiphysis and of the periosteum,

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thus if the explanation be correct, the cure would be accounted 1

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burst, leaving excoriated, moist spots upon the skin, which show no

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^iepottt of pigment, or, as people say, they do not become " sunburnt "

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Sometimes even a temporary pressure upon a nerve lias the saiine ef-

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get up also, or even when they wish to sit up in bed, or on

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cusc for urging these exceptional cases as grounds against vaccination. Jj

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Etiology. — Measles is a purely contagious disease. There is no

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prored, and disappeared altogether in the course of a few weeks. No

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is far smaller uix)n the crippled tlian upon the sound side. The poke

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called ** gummata ; " if their consistence be somewhat hard, they are

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allowed such vegetables as do not contain cither sugar or starch, or

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working-classes, who are chiefly exposed to these bad influ^ioei, tm

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Ioome normal, the thirst is less annoying, the pulse is full, soft, and

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deposit of pigment, and which enclosed dry, cheesy accumulations. It

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asdlar relief is obtained by making minute superficial punctures with

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f in the neck, which the physidan in charge priDposftl to open by

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plexion, or fifth Conftitution, which is called the Compofition or Mix-

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eginning of the disorder, followed at a later period by a deooction

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in excision of the wound, and of the vigorous cauterization of the part

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tension of hypostasis, we may attempt to preserve the patient from

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his first g^lass of spirits in the morning. But tliese bad results may be

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head and shoulders a position where their point of equilibrium ieSl I

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ease are found in the bodies of those who have died of hydrophobia.

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sations of variable size are found in the tissue of the cutis as well as

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aooompanied by au eruption, which, beginning in the region of

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water, so much the more does it increase in volume, and ai^^mest tbe

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^msm is a very obstinate and terlious disorder. Recovery is

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