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oeuromantia ; although their connection with a cutaneous nerve or the
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Neuralgia may continue for many years. Except in the i«Mi^
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large portion of the metal always passes off in the stools as superflu-
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talreftdy said for the treatment of scarlatinous dropsy, accompanied with
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proper nourishment ; a coarse diet, containing but little nutriment in
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case of neuralgia of the trigeminus that had lasted for twenty-six
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the serratus, is local blood-letting and derivation to the skin, applied I
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therapeutics, he advises : 1, on going to a dangerous place, to assume st
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palliative, were to lead physicians back again to the old rootiiie of
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pimcture " is performed, yet I am by no means tnolined to regard it
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the wound is the predisposing agent, and the chilling the eicitin
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muscles in knitting, playing the piano, etc Lastly, we must mentiaa
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peritoneal cavity, which is shown by the Uver being prossed away :
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I not so, the patient would be oooletl much more, I think it would be
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and, in some CAses, painful tumefaction of the joints, particularly those
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burning, and the attendants are so excited by the foarhil appearano
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which has given hopes of a speedy recovery, the fever and local
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shortly before its occurrence attain great severity, TTie evaeiiat
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Id protect the reddened sp«3t frotn further pressure by an air-cusliion,
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Trxatmbnt. — Attempts to fulfil the caiisal indication in chlorosis
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When the "portion of the brain by which the excitement of sen-
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and that tltis increased formation of uric acid and its collection in tlie
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As the chancre is not a constitutional disease, it might, podiapc,
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sides, so that it cannot collapse, like other veins, when the stream of
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excessive accumulation of cells, will not seem extraordinary. Never-
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creasing emaciation, but without pain or other trouble. The disMl ft
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and Driburg, is large enough to warrant the assertion that we shall
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its name, becomes very endent, before attacks of fever (paroxysms)
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the parenchyma, and it is accompanied by a profuse superficial serous
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mouth and throat, that she has prevnously swallowed this ait Ai,
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In protracted cases we find even the muscles of the extremities con-
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more undeveloped the subject of disease happens to be.
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apfttrently benefit the patient if we give him this nourishment, and he
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waist-band, while the favorite harbor of the itob-insect is upon
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who have caught it in a swampy region. While a short residence in a
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ment to the patient, have sometimes resulted in marasmus, and •
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flammatory sequelaj generally, if not always, cause a decided eleva-
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a time, even if the ]>atient be removed from further action of the
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eif seem ever to be an irritation of the facial within the skuU^ or diu
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crease the danger to the patient. In these cases we find the typhus
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intermuscular abscesses, inflammation and suppuration of tbo Itbk
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and they turn into abscesses, which, when opened, either naturally or
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pirt ia often depressed several degrees, its function is impaired, and
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THefe Temperaments, or Temperatures, which are the fecond thing in
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sometimes precedes the febrile urticaria may be so intense afi to cawe
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l)rane, and iritis ; while lupus, rupia, disease of the bones, and the
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tliickcned by the addition of fresh exudation, which genenO^ p«OC«dl
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trated. They resemble the blisters produced by vesicating plasters,
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Tbbatment. — The form of chronic articular rheunuitism, Hmited to
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the patient cries out as soon as they are touched. The patie
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fact that they may be extracted with greater ease and with less pain
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upon the forehead (corona veneris), and, next in £requenoe^ Ufaa the
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should be used internally or subcutaneously as a paUiative.
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disease may attain very old age. It is remarkable that, in spite of the
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also vritnessed the rapid and imexpectcd reabsorption of large collec-
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ofe usive perspiration was fonnerly regarded as a wholesome ex-
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sults of which have been published by Dr. Jieich, at first, the quantity
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mecnbrane and to the copious exudations from the intestinal capil-
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^ lariea, and covered by a brownish, discolored, ichorous exudation.
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paraplegia, and to the lungs, causing asthmatic attacks. We miat
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as well as its appearance in the fij-st months of life, is equally wnv
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patient has been treated rudely. During such a seizure, the maniac
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that herpes labialis proceeds from disease of small nervous braodbei
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rial foci, where numerous cases of intermittent are seen every spring
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diately after rising in the morning. MaUa attributes the increaanf;
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the disease to pass from the part first affected to others of analogous
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»ith aeuTulgia of tho trigeramus suffer is more extensive in projxjrlicin
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day the vesicles commence to shrivel, and they and their contents sub-
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If there be no collection of fceces above the seat of disease, or if the]
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abdomen, especially in the region of the colon; but soon, often ereal
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fbuned skin, in order to prevent the " striking-in " of the disease. How-
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ticularl)' from epileptic mothers, as well as in individuals whoec j»^
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of the feet, and hard, painful infiltration of the connective tiastie^ pt^
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ner\'es is applied to a morbid condition, in which the motor fibres we
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skin becomes much inflamed, it is to lie covered by compreaees dipped
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muscles stand out in bold relief, imparting a peculiar expreoaioo ^
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disease of the brain; the longer it has lasted, the more N-iolent thfii
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masses eml)edded in a mucous basement substance, and of xomid,
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fe! same time a parenchymatous inflammation of the tonsils, which
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