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which was strictly enforced on the inhabitants. But it has not

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stimulus from the grand c-entre of the will, thus producing the voluntary

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benefit derivalile from the internal and extenial exhibition of iodine in

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mami the secretion of urine was considerably augmented by the veiy

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and a dilatation of the capillaries seems to be consequent upon th« ^\

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The Aftion or Operation of the Power-P^ttal, is to retrain and loolen

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ternal hiernorrhages, extensive extravasations occur beneath the skin,

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position, gradually lose their original plumpness. They suffer an

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lapse, we should order wine, camphor, and musk, and other stimaliat* |

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for diabetes are of lllilo practical value, wc shall mention a few merely

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who have only been there a short time. This fiict probably

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and liniments, placed in a hot l^ath containing mustard or oauatio pot^

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ment. Li especially obstinate cases we may have recourse to dit

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sad, unhappy, and iu despair about her fate, even although she maj be

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tissue, and on the free surface of the mucous membrane. Th«n

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rariola prevailed, or occurred exclusively, a third, or in some epidemics

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to a minute, and are very paitifiiL These cramps are not pathognomo-

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itching, accompanied by an irresistible inclination to scratch, symp-

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gravitation opposed by the limbs proves that the muscles must I

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completed, and it gcnorallv t>egins to disappear in twenty-four hours.

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The patient also complains of painful sensations, shooting oentripetally

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I of the hypoglossal nerve, and of the accessory of Willis^ or of

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oocmrence of neuralgia. The left side differs isxmi the right in the

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not develop further, or else change to vesicles, whose contents quickly

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palsy of sensation of one side o^the £aoe, there will be palsy of the

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oable sudor angelicus of the middle ages, but many caaes ckf pnrnimnM

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WTiile, with the exception of a slight fever, which usxially precedes

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•errtee, because, like the cold baths, t|^ey induce a vigorous modifica-

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ate hypenemia of the synovial capsule and a slight increase and to^

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The first stage of variola, the stadium prodromorum eeu inviuionis^

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never by the signs of severe cachexia, such as generally precede the

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lymphatics, and thus gave rise to inflammation of their walls, toil

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our object are, first, remedies which have an active influence upon the

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Lupus hypertrophtcus also shows a tendency to subside at its

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tions, nor the ho^morrhagic inflammations of the serous membranes,

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Until within a few years, when the IxKiily temperature had risen to a

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che ny- colored blood. The bronchial mucous membrane is always

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scope, but only a granular d*tritus. It often heals quickly, but the

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to the first point, all surgeons and dennatologists entirely agree

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lower limbs. Their spirits are deeply depressed, they can no longer

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Kthat tlie dejections only become dangerous when the germs of the dis-

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the disease vary greatly. Many patients become jaundiced There is

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stage of reaction forms the commencement of convalescence, even

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palate. Not unfre{|uently the persons about the patient hao Uinf*j

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which either remain distinct {lupus titberomi^), or else ooalesoe, 0«»"

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cles, crabs, lobsters, etc. ; eggs in all the forms known to the oulinary

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monly noticed at first, owing to their apparent insignificance.

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hands and feet simultaneously. When its chief seat is upon the

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course of a day. The causes of these fluctuations are in a great mea»>1

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tacked by copious diarrhoea, great debility, cramps in the legs, and

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to the difficulty with which he obtains nourishment, or else firom no-

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slightly flexed ; on the other hand, the knee and hip-joints are but

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begins, roost patients fall into a deep sleep, from which they aw«k6 i

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the preference over otlier more active prescriptions. We may alflO

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a thin transparent secretion. The discharge subsequently becomes

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oder the disease worse, for impacted and decomposed fieccs alone

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tion. In the thickened, strongly pigmented, mucous membrane, the J

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I of water from the Wood, whether induced in fevers by the increase

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I the disease, and that attempts to give animals cholera, by introducing

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times swollen and paiofiil from the constant strain and motion. TJn»

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first and bursts ; or, what ia more common still, the chancre proceeds

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j^uthors. The hefl of Furriers made vf^ ef in this Work.

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: between a roseola or urticaria pulicosa, and other forms of roseola

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feotious disease. The patients complain of a feeling of

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utndictioD to the psychical peculiarities of the patient prior to his

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particularly Mefflhi^s pills (consisting of equal parts of extrairt of hr

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I and not a peculiar variety of disease. After what we have said, it

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pw^culariy in the branches of the supraorbital, and affects the forehead,

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tite>like osteophytes, about its periphery. This disease, called malum

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Otfaen. Cataleptic attacks are not guffidently common to enable us

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recent succulent S3rphiloma. These tumors may decrease and disap-

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