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and are rearing their young, and when the young brood perforate the

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with a poultice. But, if the disease already have lasted for

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has been described in detail. Waffner and other authorities have ob-

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The occurrence of scrofula after vaccination seems to be due

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the system suflidently accoimta for the occurrence and the obstinacy

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Fever usually accompanies the commencement of the disease;

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membnincs also become pale and bloodless. Tliere is often

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and to this gradual diminution of interest that we may most reasuD*

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dangerous because it readily induces rules which may have an injurious

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The diet should not be reduced ; not on account of the remetly, how-

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and, by stroking and drawing upon the skin of the face, the mouth

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two or three days, now begin to diminish in violence as the patient

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teria, and, instead of drawing a picture of the affection itself iWl

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plenty of animal food, is also very important for tlie successful treat-

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glands cannot escape, owing to obstruction of the gland<ducts, or h^

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during the chill causes the periphery of the body to assmne more and

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and induce peritonitis or abscesses about the rectum.

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Ioome normal, the thirst is less annoying, the pulse is full, soft, and

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litSA. Tlie active decomix)sition going on in the stomachs of these

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Members alike, are thofe, which beiiig fi^parated, or diftributed into

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erate doses. If it really were injurious, considering how universally

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fninchi8 solution, already described, would be a remedy prefenble to

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subjects of puerperal and parturient eclampsia to the te-xt-boob <^

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' and produces a circumscribed swelling of its parenchyma, but the por-

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unfrequently appears upon other parts of the body. I have known

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which induces the palsy, a lesser degree of hypeitemia, capable of ia*^

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cases where persons affected with malaria move from places where ma-' j

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even may be injected and contain extravasations of blood. In aU recoA

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, or syphilitic periostitis. It is a very common, bad habit, to

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tiendant for the typhus patients, that new cases oeased to appear. (These

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regarded as a form of rheumatism, and are attributed to hyperemis

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BO mflaiis easy of acoomplishment ; moreover, it is often possible to

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or that in wliich nitrogen is to be supplied to the system by adminis-

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^^fe'V^er tlie temper of the patient is excited, and whenever stimuli, even

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and depicts the habit of erethitic scrofula as follows : " A skin of re-

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merely a palliative cosmetic, as is also the wash reoomTnended by

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not alleviate the cough, as they are expected to, are superfluous. The

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I^HBm disease. Past experience has not yet taught us whether the

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and more apparent. The acts of awkwardness become more frequent,

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I and a little wine ; for the exhausted strength requires building up, and

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placed ; they fear even the most careful passive motion rendered

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mis. Upon other parts of the body, too, where the epidermis is thin,

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It 18 proved by statistics that hereditary tendency is the most impor-

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bright light. This is a token which no impostor can imitate.

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by high fever. When these cases terminate fatally, we do o<

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their excitabihty were diminishetl, as well as by the observation 1

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f BoQidcs this, it is customary in these oiSj^a, as in ulinocit all olfaff

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ea with a depressed centre {^favus acutifonnia). This

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of hair covering the whole boily, or parts of it, no other irregiilarity

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dsstarbanoe of imiervation that occasionally complicates the local

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when large ones are vomited by the patient j in such cases we i

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of hfiemorrliagic infarction, or of small abscesses. There are no con-]

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in the veuia and capillaries, the lips, ends of the fingers and toes, look

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lurbanoe and catarrhal symptoms lasually incraise, and attaio

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indeed, we may refer altogether to tie article ujx)n cutaneous diseases

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>'sms occur on tw*o successive days, while the third day rematns 6ns>

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phur ( 3 ss), are more suitable, as is also Helmerich'*8 ointment, a*-

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phus the eruption of roseola on the chest and abdomen is usually

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vague, for althou^ we learn from the history of many cases that the

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disproiKjrtion between the intensity of the malady and the consequ

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TVy will often banish all flowers from their room Ixjcause they can-

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latency of syphilis, during a period of ten or twenty years, would be

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not generally remain attached mon> than three or four days; on the

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tlosxis, sj'philiticus, idiopathicus, etc. Statistics as to the frequence of

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and epiphyseal cartilages. The epiphysea are thickened and not

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for by the action of any corresponding irritant. Some patients

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of patients who have recovered in my practice through the employment

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p>ermits ; we should not allow more wine than is sufficient

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framaxillnry, general thickening of the bones of the skull wiiii <

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and of the excessive hypertrophy of the adjacent connective tissue of

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moDfttrated. The sick should !>e isolated from the well, and only

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feverish over-heating depends, induces consumption of the body of the

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circulation. In our first volume we have already given a detailerl »c>-