AAA elite bail bonds -Bail Bond Facts

Bail Bond Facts If you, a family member or friend is detained by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service, you must know that you have rights and that depending on your situation, you can request an application hearing. immigration bond, which is a monetary guarantee that will allow you to get out […]

Is there a Difference Between Civil Security and Bail?

What is the security deposit and what is it used for? What is the deposit for good conduct?  Surely you will have happened to see some American detective films where the culprit, taken to prison, was able to regain his freedom by paying a sum of money: the famous bail. Likewise, following the international judicial […]

Sexual assault: continue years after

  A victim of sexual assault may need time to become fully aware of what happened to him. And it sometimes takes several years to find the courage to act. The delays vary according to the type of pursuit. Make a criminal complaint Sexual assault is a crime. As with other crimes, it is possible […]

Applying to the Victims of Crime Compensation Program

In Quebec, the government’s Victims of Crime Compensation (IVAC) program allows some victims to receive services or financial compensation. Here are the main steps in the process of making a request.   To qualify To be compensated, you must meet specific criteria. Make sure you qualify before proceeding.   Fill out the form and provide […]

Testifying as a victim in a lawsuit

When you are a victim of crime in the Canadian justice system, you are not always called to testify at the trial. However, the prosecutor may find it necessary to do so to show that the accused committed the crime. Here are the steps to plan.   The summons requires to testify A victim of […]